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Options trading update – September 2021 – covered calls

September options trading review This month I received $1,346 in premiums from selling options.   Altogether I have made over $6,000 selling call and put options in my non-registered margin account. The more options I trade the easier it becomes to manage larger positions. 🙂   September trading breakdown Here are some key points from this month. I… Read More »

Don’t feel guilty about taking government benefits

One of the great advantages of living in Canada is the generous government benefits system. Had a baby? Take some tax-free child benefits. Lost your job? Apply for employment insurance benefits (EI.) Making low income? There are multiple assistance program for you. 🙂 But one dilemma facing the financial independence/early retire community is whether or not we should… Read More »

6 Great Fundraising Tips for Small Non-profits

By | 09/08/2021

Raising funds for your small non-profit can be done in many different ways. Creativity, determination, and a willingness to try new things are three of the key things needed for the most successful fundraising campaigns. Whether you’re trying to kickstart a small non-profit project or you’re seeking to grow your well-established charity further, here are some great fundraising… Read More »