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My 6 figure investment income – ($100,000) Revealed

In 2008 I started out with no assets and zero investment income. All I had was a dream. šŸ˜… Since then I’ve worked hard to make my dream come true. And today I have 3 real estate properties, a growing stock portfolio, and a 6 figure investment income. In today’s post I’ll break down all the ways Iā€¦ Read More »

Royal Bank Stock Analysis – Dividend Growth Investing

New Purchase: Royal Bank of Canada Stock September has historically been a bad month for the stock market, and this year was no exception. This is why I didn’t invest aggressively last month. However now that it’s October, I decided to get back into buying more equities. šŸ™‚ So after looking through my watch list of different companies,ā€¦ Read More »

Recent Purchases, CJR.B and JNJ

Experts worry thatĀ the recent interest rate cut in Canada will lure peopleĀ toĀ rack up even more debt. Bankruptcy trustee Doug Hoyes warns, “the more debt you have, the greater your chances of going bankrupt. It’s simple math.” HeĀ predicts bankruptcy numbers will “skyrocket whenĀ interest rates rise and people are saddled with ballooning debt payments.” Yikes.Ā That doesn’t sound good. šŸ˜ Anyway,Ā lastā€¦ Read More »

How to Get Paid By Your Bank – Monthly Bank Fees Update

Nobody likes to pay banking fees. ButĀ most monthly service chargesĀ can be waived if we sign up for additional accounts/services, or keep the minimum monthly balance in the account. (eg: maintain at least $1,500 inĀ a Bank of Montreal chequing account to waive the $4 fee.) My personal account is with TD Canada Trust, whichĀ charges $3.95/month unless a minimum balanceā€¦ Read More »