Don’t feel guilty about taking government benefits

One of the great advantages of living in Canada is the generous government benefits system. Had a baby? Take some tax-free child benefits. Lost your job? Apply for employment insurance benefits (EI.) Making low income? There are multiple assistance program for you. 🙂 But one dilemma facing the financial independence/early retire community is whether or not we should… Read More »

The best emerging markets ETFs

A properly diversified portfolio should include businesses from all over the world. Valuation wise, stocks in developing countries are currently much cheaper than in North America. So in today’s post I’ll go over several emerging markets ETFs to consider adding to your portfolio. VWO and IEMG The Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF has a low management fee of… Read More »

Market Timing Strategies that Actually Work

Can you time the markets? Absolutely. Markets have cycles, and if you understand where we are in the cycle you can make more informed investment decisions. Market timing isn’t complicated. 🙂 You just have to be ware of the business cycle, and know how to value investments.   This week’s video about market timing Any market can be… Read More »