Finance, Fiancée, and Fairness

I recently read a financial story on MarketWatch, where a woman in her early 40s making $100,000 a year is considering a prenup because her partner makes less than she does. This woman writes, “my girlfriend works a few gig-type jobs that she loves and makes $50,000 a year. She lives paycheck to paycheck, pretty much, and as… Read More »

First YouTube live stream

Live Q&A on April 24, 2022 I answered some questions on YouTube over the weekend. You can see the video here. Thanks to everyone who joined. There were some really great questions ranging in topics from crypto, to stocks, and real estate. 🙂 I accidentally started streaming an hour later than expected due to technical difficulties.   Some… Read More »

Tony Robbins’ 5 Levels of Wealth

In his book, Money Master the Game, Tony Robbins outlines the process of building wealth.   Tony has been a role model for me because he’s really talented at making complex situations simple to understand. So here are Tony’s 5 levels of wealth. 1. Financial security  This is the basic amount of income you personally need to cover… Read More »