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This is the best posts section of the site. The following articles have been the most popular or best written ideas on this blog so far. Feel free to skim through them at your own leisure 🙂

 Liquid’s Top Picks For Achieving Financial Success

Profit From Your Everyday Financial Problems – Problems are just opportunities in disguise.
Over 100 Financial Tips to Better Manage Your Money – More are being added over time.
The Hidden Power of Multiple Incomes – When the total is more than the sum of its parts. How I went from a single income to a quadruple income household.
Relationship With Money – The reason why most people won’t become wealthy is because they lack this.
Top 5 Subreddits To Improve Your Financial Knowledge – Some things you can learn on this blog. For everything else, there’s Reddit.
9 Years to Financial Freedom – Through patience, will, and a bit of luck the plan to financial independence is slowly coming to fruition.
Raising $25,000 in 3 months – I got myself into quite a pickle. My loyal readers step up to offer me financial aid in the comments.
Not all Wealth is Created Equal – The importance of proper diversification and how most people aren’t doing it.
Money Perception Time – How the way we think changes over time
Pointless Judging – Why it doesn’t help anyone to criticize other people’s financial decisions
Take Control of Your Tax Bracket – Simple tax benefits many people can use, but don’t.
How Personalities Affect our Finances – MBTI personality types
Words of Wisdom – The Asset Column -A great quote to inspire us all to save and invest for our future.
Year of Easy Money – My biggest year over year gain yet thanks to past investment decisions.
Stealth Wealth – This is why I don’t give out my real name and identity on this blog 😛
How to Allocate A Financial Windfall? – I have $X, what should I do with it?
Spend Money to Make Money – Never pay for banking fees again
7 Rules of the Wealthy -How the rich stays rich and how I plan to join them one day.
Nation Built on Credit – Cost of living is higher because borrowing money is cheaper
Vancouver – The Most Affordable City – Vancouver doesn’t have to an expensive city to live in.
Wealthy is Healthy – One of the best motivators to strive for financial success, your body.
Our Most Valuable Asset (2 parts)  – Money is important, but in order to have a stable financial foundation we also need something else.
How to Make a Budget – Tracking our expenses is how we know where we could be saving more.
My New Saskatchewan Farmland – I’m a landlord now
Break All the Rules – Credit card debt can be a useful tool
How it All Began – The early years of how I started to make money and build wealth. My financial history.

Real Estate

Paying Down the Mortgage Isn’t for Everyone -Why I’m making the smallest payment amount possible on my mortgage and investing my money elsewhere.
Land Valuation -People say we’re in a housing bubble. But how are prices here compared to the rest of the world? Related articles Tallest In the City and Mind the Housing Gap.
Rent vs Buy – An in depth discussion on which is better.
Unlocking my Home – Put that home equity to good use. Use money to make money.
Dream Global REIT – How to invest in Germany’s real estate market.
Why Invest in Farmland – Because it’s one of the best asset classes in our lifetime to invest in 😀
Canadian Housing More Affordable – We are at historically low interest rates which explains the higher real estate prices.
Canadian Farmland Prices up 19% in 2012 – Is the farmland market in a bubble?
Fiscal Update April 2014 – How my net worth increased by over $50,000 in one month thanks to my farmland. I experienced similar gains one year later in April 2015.

Capital Markets (stocks, bonds, etc)

Volatility and Risk – Does volatility in a stock mean higher risk? Not necessarily according to Warren Buffet.
How to Get Paid By Your Bank – Think like the bank to win like the bank.
Marginally Better Results – This post explains how margin accounts work.
Margin Accounts – Walkthrough – This post demonstrates how to buy a stock on margin
How to Use the RRSP (3 parts) – RRSPs are not only used for retirement
Who Wants to be a Trillionaire – How to invest in Zimbabwean dollars. Foreign Exchange trading.
Qualcomm and Comcast – The mobile trinity plan
How to Buy Stocks at a Discount – DRIP discounts: the unfair advantage.
TD e-series Mutual Funds – Explains what they are and how to open an account. Part 2 explains how to use them.
Investing in the Daily Grind – The most popular drug in the world is also legal. Here’s how to profit from the coffee industry.
Better Saving Vehicle -Which is the better place to put your investments in first, RRSP or TFSA?
The Financial Markets Overview -Stocks, bonds, and everything in between. If you want to become an investor, this is a good place to start.
Investing in Foreign Currency – Diversifying asset allocation
Silver Wages – A way to hedge against the value of currency
Beating Professional Fund Managers – Financial experts may not be as smart as people think

Funny, Entertaining, or Informative

More Popular Than Ever – See what some opinionated people have to say about Freedom 35 Blog.
Fun Facts about Money
 -There are some very expensive things out there.
First World Financial Problems – Sometimes we complain too much.
Beauty Discrimination – Your genes could affect your salary amount
Rich Kids of Beverly Hills – My new favorite reality tv show
How to Make Elite Babies – the perfect recipe for your offsprings
Breaking Down the Cost of Gas -Ever wondered why gasoline costs so much in Canada?
The Missing Dollar – See if you can solve this popular financial riddle :0)
35% Return on Stamp Investment – How I made a quick profit by investing in Canadian permanent stamps
Unclaimed Money – Find out if you or a relative have long lost money lying around the Central Bank.
Financial Discretion – If you got it, don’t flaunt it
Are Young Women more Independent than Men? – Apparently they are.
Making Life Simple and Easy – Life hacks compilation
Easy Grocery Savings (2 parts) – Great idea for vegetarians. Easily save over 50% off your next grocery bill.
April No Spend Days – Begin – I tried to limit the number of days I would spend in one month.
Putting the 1 Percent into Perspective – They’re not all that different from the rest of us.
Life Enhancing Tips -Some wise words for the curious.
I’m Going into Space – Just a matter of time and money now.
Easy Savings: Parking – Save money and get exercise at the same time
First time Eating Sturgeon Roe – Ah yes, caviar 🙂 Om nom nom #luxurylifestyle
Canadian Arctic Landscape -My review of a silver coin from the Canadian mint.
Buying Love – Explores the average cost of dating and weddings. How much is love worth?
For Faster Service: Press 2 – Can you speak a second language?
The Affordable Beer Conjecture – How much does beer cost in countries around the world.

Miscellaneous Reads

Debt to Income Ratio Exposed – A Deceptive Fallacy – Why are we still using this?
Inheritance Tax Savings
– Easy way to save boatloads on taxes by planning a gradual inheritance process
When Life Offers You a Rocket Ship – Get On – The inspiring story of Sheryl Sandberg
Making Debt Decisions -Do what makes financial sense and not what other people say.
Daylight Wasting Time -My little issue with how the clock system works in this country.
Go With the Flow, Student Loan Debt – Debt is a part of life, we shouldn’t fight it.
Solution Seekers – Making money is about asking the right questions and having the right mindset
Wireless Competition – Don’t overpay for your cell phone plan
Living the Dream at Work – Job satisfaction is alive and well
Men are Better Savers than Women – Probably because men tend to make more money on average
Financial lessons from the Greatest – These guys knew only way to growth and prosperity is through hard work
Financial Lessons from Benjamin Franklin – Advice from one of the smartest minds in history
My New Silver Coins – Buying bullion is a direct way to invest in silver.
Passive Income from the Government – A very useful tax refund for those who use other people’s money to invest
My New Investment: Teeth – I got braces 😀
Barnett Newman Painting – A piece of art sells for millions
Making cents of it all -Should we still be making pennies in the 21st century?
Coping with Debt – Having a lot of debt doesn’t need to be stressful.
The Hidden, Hidden Costs of Credit Cards -The fight between retail stores and credit card companies with the consumer caught right in the middle.
Twinkies – A Hot Commodity – One of my most unusual investments ever.
Credit Score – How your credit score is calculated
Savings Today are Incomes Tomorrow – Wealth and income can be interchangeable.
Thinking like the Rich – What wealthy people have in common
Marginal Utility – Using micro economics to decide what’s important for us to buy.
Financial Freedom in 10 years – A hypothetical situation that could happen

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