Useful Websites

Below are some useful websites that I’ve bookmarked and want to share with everyone. They are a resource of inspiration and new investment ideas 🙂

News and Current Events

Sites that I frequent for the latest financial, business, or economic news. 

Yahoo! Finance
A great place to find financial news and information. It also offers video programming, stock quotes, currency exchange rates, commodity prices, corporate press releases and financial reports. News can be categorized into Canada, U.S., or Global markets.

Google Finance
Works well with any Gmail or Google account, but doesn’t require you to have one. Lots of information about business news and stock quotes. It has a stock screener and you can create multiple mock portfolios. You can filter news so they’re only related to your particular stock of interest.

The Star – Business
News and editorial content. Well known columnists like Ellen Roseman often writes for this site. Articles in this section are categorized into 4 areas; the economy, personal finance, tech news, and real estate.

Financial Post
Another business and finance news site with lots of information about investing, economics, energy, retail and marketing, employment, markets, and mortgages.

Globe and Mail – Business
Report on Business is the section of Globe and Mail that focuses particularly on business and market news, commentary, and in-depth analysis. They have daily videos as well.


Data and Information

These are sites that regularly update market data and trends.

CNN Money – World Markets
Shows a snapshot of the global stock markets at any time. Also displays when they open and close, if they closed higher or lower recently, and also has news snippets. This information can be used as a leading indicator. If the Asian and European markets start the week down, then there’s a good chance the stock market in North America will do the same.

BMO News Room
Studies commissioned by BMO financial group.

Statistics Canada – The Daily
This page has the latest publications from Stat Can. It will sometimes contain employment numbers, national balance sheet, personal debt levels, housing trends, income data, and other relevant news about the economy like import/export news, international investment interests, trade deficits/surpluses, etc. We can sometimes use these data like about industrial capacity utilization rates or soft commodity prices to predict future trends in the economy and make better investment decisions.

CNN Money – Commodities
Up to date information on energy, metals, livestock, and agriculture related commodity prices, as well as historic prices up to 1 year. Color coded to show if movement is up or down. Site can be used to determine future inflationary pressure and to compare the price trend of two different commodities.

Shows the current and historical price of gold and silver.

Other Sites and Tools

Useful calculators, screeners, seminars, and financial tools for doing specific research.

Get Smarter About Money
Created by the Ontario Securities Commission, this is an unbiased and independent financial literacy website to help Canadians make better investment decisions.

Yahoo! Finance – Stock Screener
Part of the Yahoo! Finance website. This screener is free to use, yet powerful enough for most people. It allows you to filter stocks based on specific criteria, eg: max/min dividend yield, P/E ratio, multi-year EPS growth, etc.

Globe Investor
A division of the Globe and Mail that focuses on stocks, markets, and investing. You can search for any stock (or etf or mutual fund) in the search box near the top of the page and access the stock’s historical charts, financial documents (including income state, balance sheet, and cash flow), and analysts’ sentiment.

Morningstar – Fund Lookup
An investment research tool focused on mutual funds. The main site or .ca contains a lot of other business and market related news and information.

A stock research site that propagates opinions by analysts. It lets you look for a stock, and then shows comments about the company made by fund managers and other professionals, when they said it, if they’re bullish, bearish, or neutral, and the price of the stock when they commented.

Investors and Tax
How different income and dividends are taxed as an investor.

System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR) is an online filing system for the disclosure documents of public companies and investment funds across Canada. It’s used to research the financial documents as well as regulatory filings of mutual funds and other securities in Canada. For example, the MER (management expense ratio) of a mutual fund is often in the prospectus which is easy to find, but the TER (trading expense ratio) often isn’t. But you can find that information and other details in a document called the “Management Report of Fund Performance” which is on SEDAR.

TD Mortgage Calculator
Online mortgage calculator to estimate monthly payments and compare bi-weekly to monthly installments.

BMO Retirement Savings Calculator
Calculates if your current financial path will lead to a comfortable retirement, and if not how much more you need to save to meet the shortfall.



2 thoughts on “Useful Websites

  1. Carolyn

    This is a great collection I should keep in mind. My favorite among the websites is Bloomberg which also has a mobile app. And recently I’ve been in one of the TD seminars where I met people who shared their ideas and tips. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions. What’s the cost? Your valuable time.

    Spend time wisely and experience the world of investing. (There’s something about seeing the ticker tape on a larger screen up close–like I was in the scene of the action.)

    Thanks for sharing and I’ll keep coming back for any updates.

  2. Kevin Be

    Surprised to not see on your list here.


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