About You

Who are the readers of Freedom 35 Blog? 


About Your locations: 

66% of visitors are from Canada
22% are from the U.S.
4% are from the U.K.
8% are from everyone else around the world



About Your Annual Incomes: 

14% make from $0 to $40,000
34% make from $40,000 to $80,000
52% make over $80,000
37% make six-figure or more
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About Your Household Debts:

33% of visitors are completely debt free
The median debt level is between $25K to $100K
27% have more than $500,000 of debt
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About Your Careers: 

14% work in health care
12% work in financial services
22% work in professional/tech
8% are students
10% are retired
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About Your Net Worths:

10% have net worths of $50,000 or less
14% have a net worth over $1,000,000
The median reader is worth about $350,000, which is about 50% more than the median net worth for all Canadians
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About Your Fantasy Superpowers:

45% believes reading minds is the best superpower
21% thinks the ability to fly is the best
19% would like the ability to become invisible
The least popular superpower is shape-shifting with 2% of the votes
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About Your Positions on Oil Prices and Daylight Saving Time:

59% prefer living in a higher oil price environment than lower
71% agree that it’s time we eliminated daylight saving time in this country
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4 thoughts on “About You

  1. Robert Wilton

    What? Only 2% picked shape-shifter? That’s crazy town! After all – if you have the ability to change shape, you could fly, have super human strength AND be invisible (invisible-ish anyway – who sees that tick sitting on the board room table?)

    Hmmm, I realized I ‘randomly’ picked a blood sucking insect to be invisible in a boardroom…the ol’ subconscious was screaming out loud there wasn’t it?

    1. Liquid Independence Post author

      I initially thought the ability to fly would be amazing. But now that you put it like that, shape-shifting actually sound more appealing. 🙂

  2. Brett McLennan

    You know that you’ll end up shapeshifting into something and getting a bit too aggressive and killing yourself. It would happen in the first 12 months too! guaranteed….Reading minds is clearly the best one. If you know what people are thinking you can easily persuade them….or crush them….lol


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