Cash and Patience

Things are getting worse Last month on this blog I warned the sell off in the stock market was likely going to get worse as the economy slows down. There’s a time and place to buy the dip. Now isn’t it. 😅 Inflation in the US came in hotter than expected on Friday, and over the last 24… Read More »

The bucket system – Video

By | 06/06/2022

Using buckets to plan for uncertainty Market corrections can last for years. How can investors be reassured they won’t be forced to sell their valuable stocks when prices are down? One way is to use a bucket system. The idea is to split your investments into multiple buckets with the first one holding cash. Maybe the next bucket… Read More »

Not quite there yet

Stock Market Sell-Off Likely to Continue The S&P 500 is down about 18% year to date. Are we at the bottom of this market correction? Unfortunately the signs are pointing to no. Every week we seem to get more bad news. Just today Snapchat who reported earnings only a month ago says they will be missing projected financial… Read More »