Below are some awesome blogs and websites with a wealth of information, in no particular order. Most are related to personal finance and investing, but not all. Check them out some time.



9 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. Mart

    Curious if you travel much for pleasure internationally? We are saving lots too but we also are traveling lots because we are 30 and that is the time to travel! Awesome blog!

    1. Liquid Independence Post author

      Hey Mart, I don’t travel very much at all. When I do it’s usually to more local places like Whistler or Bellingham lol. You’re right, if you like to travel doing it when you’re young is the best time 🙂 I’m just not very adventurous though.

  2. divorcedff

    Hello Freedome 35

    Can you add me also to your blogroll?

    Thanks in advance.

    Sharon – Divorvcedff

  3. Frank

    Hello. Very nice resource here for the dividend hungry mind. I have added you to my blogroll, please check it out below. I’d love it if you might consider doing the same for me. Thanks


  4. Tom @ Dividends Diversify

    Hi Liquid, I just got my Dividends Diversify blogroll up and running and of course included F35. Would you minding adding DD to your blogroll. Thanks for considering. Tom

  5. Anonymous


    We are big fans of your website! I’m writing to ask you if you would consider adding Sure Dividend ( to your Blogroll.

    Sure Dividend is a similar site to yours, with a focus on helping people invest better.


    Bob Ciura
    Sure Dividend


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