Myers-Briggs Personality Types of Personal Finance Bloggers

The three most common personality types for FIRE inclined bloggers are INTJ, ENTJ, INTP.

Table of Contents: 

The importance of knowing your type
How personality affects your financial habits
How rare is your personality?
Most common types for Personal Finance Bloggers
How personality affects your income and career
In Closing and Sources


Intro to the Myers-Briggs personality test

In order to master our finances, we have to develop a solid understanding of our personalities. The way we think dictates how we save, how we spend, and how we manage our money in general. Our temperaments can also affect our income earning potential. With a little self-discovery we can discover our financial strengths and weaknesses so we can focus on the skills and actions that we naturally excel at. 😉

One popular personality test is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI.) Through a series of short questions, the MBTI measures our affinity towards four pairs of personality traits. The result is a 4 trait combination, one trait from each pair, that gives us some insight on how we think and perceive the world. Here is an explanation of each pair of traits.

[table id=2 /]

Each pair of traits is a spectrum because personality is not binary. For example, nobody is purely introverted or extroverted. The resulting trait is whichever one the person has a stronger tendency towards. So if someone’s temperament reflects Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging, then his MBTI personality type would be ISTJ for short. There are 16 possible outcomes for the Myer’s-Briggs personality test.


If you don’t know your personality type you can take a free test here.


Why It’s Important to Know your MBTI

Increasing our financial self-awareness strengthens our relationship with money, so we can prioritize what’s important to us. For example, there are two primary ways to save more money for retirement. ENTJs are better at increasing their incomes, while ISTJs tend to have an easier time cutting back on spending and being frugal. Understanding our natural tendencies lets us choose financial management strategies that suit our needs. 😉 Once we know our 4-letter personality type we can do a lot of practical and useful things with it, including the following.

  • Discover new career opportunities or side hustles to make more money.
  • Narrow down which financial experts or famous investors to follow based on how similar their personalities are to our own.
  • Better understand where gender stereotypes in society comes from.
  • Find personal finance bloggers that think like us and learn vicariously through their stories and experiences.



What your Personality says about your Financial Habits

The 16 MBTI types can be grouped into 4 general personality categories. This gives a broad overview of how the personality types can affect someone’s financial behavior.

  • Protectors (SJ)

    These people all have the Sensing and Judging (SJ) traits. They are known as protectors because those who fall into this category are more financially conservative and want to protect their principal investment regardless of opportunity costs. They see wealth preservation as the main priority. Most protectors make average income or higher. As natural planners, they are good at saving for emergencies and for retirement, but sometimes have trouble accepting some calculated risk with their investments. Protectors generally have high savings rates to make up for their conservative risk tolerance on their portfolios.

  • Creators (SP)

    Sometimes also called players, creators like to live in the moment because they are Sensing and Perceiving (SP.) They like to work hard and play hard. Many creators are entrepreneurs and they tend to take bigger risks with their money than other groups.

  • Intellectuals (NT) 

    Intellectuals embody the traits Intuition and Thinking (NT.) Also known as planners, intellectuals like to look at the big picture and plan for the future. They are willing to accept thought-out risks in order to achieve their long term financial goals. Similar to protectors, intellectuals are avid savers. But sometimes they focus so much on the future that they miss out on short-term opportunities to splurge or have fun in the present.

  • Visionaries (NF)

    This group of people tend to be emotional around money. They possess the Intuition and Feeling (NF) traits. Visionaries view lending money to or borrowing money from friends and family members as a very personal matter. They often see money as an extension of who they are. Most visionaries earn average income or lower. Their spending habit revolves more around emotions, relationships, compassion, and ideas, rather than strict pragmatism.



How Rare is your MBTI Personality Type

Most people are Sensing so they prefer to deal with detailed facts and physical reality rather than big-picture ideas and abstractions. Men tend to be slightly more aligned towards introversion while women lean slightly towards extroversion.


Almost 1 out of 5 females in the world are ISFJs. This supports the studies that claim women tend to be more risk-averse than men when they invest. Meanwhile INTJs and ENTJs are the rarest personality types among females. More than half of all females identify with the traits Sensing and Feeling (SF.) This combination lends itself very favorably to working in careers that require a sympathetic approach to people. They are commonly found in the clergy, teaching, health care, child care, sales and office administration work, and personal services.

2 out of 5 males are Introverted Sensors (IS.) They are good at remembering stored memories of previous sensory experiences. This allows them to carry out tasks such as quality assurance because they can compare new products with memories of existing products. Introverted Sensors tend to be good at remembering details. They can easily recall specific things they are interested in, such as names of actors or football players, numbers, percentages, specifications, stock prices, and sports scores.



What Personality Types are Personal Finance Bloggers?

With so many PF blogs out there it’s not always easy to find compatible bloggers who we can relate with. I cover stocks and the financial markets. But what about readers who want to learn about lower risk investment options, or how to get out of debt?

Well earlier this year I surveyed over 100 bloggers to find out about their Myers-Briggs personality types. 🙂 The data has been compiled in the following graph.


Discover the personalities of PF bloggers so you can narrow down which blogs might be more relatable to you.

For a detailed explanation of each personality type, please see the “MBTI Personality Types for PF Bloggerstable below. The types are numbered to make them easier to find. They are roughly placed in order from most common to least common in the blogging community.

1 INTJ the strategist15-11-myer-briggs-personalty-types
2 ENTJ the chief
3 ISTJ the examiner
4 ESTJ the overseer

5 INFJ the confidant
6 ISFJ the defender
7 ENFJ the mentor
8 ENFP the advocate

9 ESFJ the supporter
10 INTP the engineer
11 ENTP the originator
12 INFP the dreamer
13 ISFP the artist
14 ISTP the craftsman
15 ESFP the entertainer
16 ESTP the persuader

Notes and Observations About the Table

  • 110 bloggers were surveyed. 57 males and 53 females.
  • INTJ, ENTJ, and ISTJ, are the 3 most common personality types for personal finance bloggers and make up nearly 60% of them! Meanwhile, these 3 types combined account for only 16% of the general population. All 3 types have “TJ,” which are very common traits in managers and leaders. TJs are task-oriented doers who like to plan ahead.
  • About 85% of all male PF bloggers are INTJ, ENTJ, ISTJ, or ESTJ.
  • Female PF bloggers predominately dominate the INFJ, ENFJ, ISFJ, and ESFJ personality types. They all share the traits Feeling and Judging (FJ) which means they are friendly, sociable, and prefer things to be organized and orderly.
  • In general female bloggers tend to write about debt, budgeting, savings, and household economics, while male bloggers have a higher tendency to write about stocks, investment philosophies, and technical or analytical financial topics.
  • Many ENFP and ENFJ bloggers like to write personal stories about getting out of debt.
  • Many ENTJ and ISTJ males bloggers in particular tend to write a lot about dividend investing.
  • Some blogs have multiple writers. In those cases I chose the person who seems to be most active on the site.
  • The “Name” column in the table indicates either real names or online handles taken the bloggers’ website or their public social media profile.
  • If you have a finance blog and I forgot to include you, leave a comment below with your MBTI type and I’ll add you to the table when I have time. 🙂



How Your Personality Can Affect Your Income and Job Satisfaction

Truity Psychometrics surveyed about 25,800 people using their Myers-Briggs TypeFinder to find out how different personality types correlate with yearly income. Here’s a look at the findings. It appears ESTJ and ENTJ personalities make the most money on average.


In general extroverts made more money than introverts. And the tactical, calculated planners of Thinking and Judging (**TJs) earned more than emotional, spontaneous spirits of Feeling and Perceiving (**FPs.)

Another survey polled about 2,000 people. They were asked how satisfied they are with their jobs. It was a multiple choice question with 5 meaning very satisfied, and 1 being very dissatisfied. Here are the results.


Once again, the study found that extroverted types were much more likely to report higher job satisfaction levels than introverts. However, it’s interesting that the personality type that makes the most money is only in the middle when it comes to job satisfaction. I guess money isn’t everything. 😀

Remember that we’re not pigeonholed into a statistic. Since we are equipped with this knowledge we can decide our own destinies. For example, if you don’t feel particularly satisfied with your job then take a look at the data and determine if there’s a culture mismatch between your personality type and the company you work at. Maybe your skills are transferable and you can look for other opportunities in a different position, with a new employer, or even switch careers entirely. A simple internet search will tell you the best career paths for your personality type.



Keeping Things in Perspective

The validity of the Myers-Briggs personality test as a psychometric instrument has been the subject of much criticism. Many statisticians claim the MBTI displays low test-retest reliability. This means subjects who retake the test after a 5 week gap could easily fall into a different personality category compared to the first time they took the test.

Please keep in mind that none of the observations in this article have to be stereotypes or limitations that determine one’s life. People are unique and don’t fall into easily defined categories. Personality descriptions are simply generalizations based on statistics and averages. I hope people can use the information here to expand their perspectives in the world of personal finance.


Everything explained!

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Gen Y Finance Guy
11/16/2015 6:19 am

Wow! That was a comprehensive study you did.

Thanks for including me and for sharing the results.


Dividend Growth Investor
11/16/2015 6:25 am

That’s a very comprehensive study indeed Mr Liquid Independence. Well done. Thanks for including me

Good luck in your journey my friend!


Financial Samurai
11/16/2015 6:58 am

Amazing! I finally took my test and I got ENFJ.

So fun to see how things shape out!

11/16/2015 7:08 am

Cool study. Thanks for including me in your survey. Interesting that INTJs (of which I am one) are 15 times more represented in your survey than in the general population.
Thanks Liquid.

Erin @ Journey to Saving
11/16/2015 7:40 am

Love this, and enjoyed seeing the results. Most of them weren’t surprising! Since I initially took the test so long ago, I figured I would re-take it, and ended up scoring as an INFJ. When I took a psychology course in college I somehow scored as an extrovert once, not sure where that came from, though… Thanks for including me!

11/16/2015 8:20 am

Wow this is so cool. You did such a fantastic job representing all this information in such a fun and easy way. Thanks for including me!

11/16/2015 9:12 am

Wow this is very cool. Very neat to see what other bloggers fall under. Great job compiling the list.
11/16/2015 11:40 am

Nice study. I’m ENTP myself.

I’m imagining a financial blog by Vladimir Putin or Arnold Schwarzenegger now 🙂

11/16/2015 11:45 am

I’m an ENTJ, I always heard this was a rare personality type for women, but I’m surprised it’s less than 1%

Todd Tresidder
Todd Tresidder
11/16/2015 12:05 pm

Wow! That’s a cool study. Sorry I missed the casting call. If you decide to add more people to the spreadsheet, I’m an INTJ. Hope that helps.

11/16/2015 12:34 pm

I was wondering when you’d come out with the result. Thanks, for including me.
Apparently, I’m in the group that make lots of money. 🙂 but I’m pretty low in the chain in my company, not at all the “chief”.

have a co-worker who’s crazy about the test. She literally made me take the test. She wants to understand me so we can work better together. The way she explains to me was you don’t have to have the same personality traits to work well together. You just have to understand how they think, how they perceive, and analyze the situation. “opposit attacts” 🙂

These tests are for fun. People change overtime, I certainly become more introverted as I get older. Things that I’d be vocal before, I’d just learn to let it go. 🙂

11/16/2015 12:58 pm

Awesome survey & good work. Pretty cool to be grouped with Buffet & Darth Vader. Thanks for including me.

11/16/2015 1:55 pm

Impressive study! And an interesting read! Thanks for including me… though I haven’t really been an active blogger lately, and also haven’t necessarily been posting about financial stuff all that much…

11/16/2015 2:23 pm

Fascinating! I don’t know any ISFJs in real life; INTJs seem to be quite common but this seems at odds with the bigger picture stats 🙂

Clarisse @ Reach Financial Independence
Clarisse @ Reach Financial Independence
11/16/2015 3:11 pm

I love my personality result! I know that I’m an introvert type of person.

11/16/2015 3:34 pm

How funny. I am an INTJ, and I’m floored that I have that in common with less than 1% of the female population, and that 30% of all finance bloggers are in the same category!

11/16/2015 3:39 pm

Detailed and very comprehensive report. Thank you for including me. Always interesting to see how the different personalities in our PF world invest, save and relate to finance in general.

CanadianBudgetBinder (@CanadianBudgetB)

Thanks for including me! This was a great read and lots of bloggers I have never heard of that I will be checking out! 🙂

Andrew @ AvrexMoney
11/16/2015 7:56 pm

What an interesting study.
If you update this post in the future, I was wondering if I could be added to the list. 🙂 I am ISTJ.
Great work. Thanks for compiling.

11/16/2015 8:03 pm


You created a very comprehensive post on personality types with facts I had no clue about. Great job. I never knew INTJ was so rare among women. Thanks for including me.


Dividend Wisp
Dividend Wisp
11/16/2015 8:37 pm

Ah very cool, I was wondering what exactly this post was going to be about when you asked me to do the test those months ago lol ENTJ seems pretty fitting for me, although I do like to occasionally splurge on a meal out, a few drinks or a computer part upgrade ^_^ Gotta enjoy the now within ones means right!

JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit
11/17/2015 2:38 am

Thanks for this awesome post and for including me. I didn’t realize just how many bloggers you had asked about this. It’s pretty interesting to see how the PF and Blog world center around a few personality types.

Laurie Frugalfarmer
Laurie Frugalfarmer
11/17/2015 6:12 am

Very interesting!!! I see I’m in a small but awesome group of ENFJs. 🙂 Super cool post, FI!

11/17/2015 6:15 am

That’s a great read, and man it nails me. I’m in the group of ENFJ’s and yep, I write lots of personal stories as blog posts. 🙂 Haha!
Awesome post!

11/17/2015 6:31 am

Thanks for an in-depth analysis and collecting/sharing this data with all. Also, thanks for including me in the list 🙂


Michael James
11/17/2015 2:35 pm

Fascinating. I was hoping I’d end up with one of the rarer blogger personality types, but I’m an INTJ.

Michael James (blogger at Michael James on Money in Canada)

11/17/2015 5:19 pm

I’m an ESTP. Maybe that’s why I’m good at sales. I’m a risk taker and it’s paid off both financially and having a lot of fun.

Stephen @ How To Save Money
11/18/2015 5:08 am

Really well done on this article Liquid. I haven’t seen such a well-researched study on a blog in quite some time. The results are fascinating for sure. I’m ESTJ, so I guess I’m supposed to make the most money according to your research so you’ve really motivated me to work hard and make more money 😉

Sherry @ Save. Spend. Splurge.
11/18/2015 1:29 pm

Very comprehensive. This makes sense as an ESFJ why I am in my profession..

My Own Advisor
11/18/2015 5:24 pm

Killer work and outstanding results. Very well done. Thanks for the inclusion! Will headline this week’s Weekend Reading.


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Patricia Gass
11/20/2015 2:04 pm

Love your data and analysis- great work! Especially like how you link personality traits with financial behaviour. Very important to understand. As a female PF blogger/coach, I seem to be in the minority (ISTJ) ?


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Messy Money May
Messy Money May
11/21/2015 6:58 am

Wow! Wow Wow! What a great analysis. I really thought I was INTJ but I have come to terms with my INTPness and it makes sense. It is going to take hours to go through all of this. Thank you for putting it together. Now if I could just get my SO to take the test to see who we compare.

her every cent counts
11/23/2015 7:19 pm

Super interesting finds here. Interesting to see who else is an ENFP. Definitely nice to know I’m not the only NFP who is writing about finance. 😉

11/24/2015 8:58 am

Thanks for this in-depth research and analysis – very interesting.

I’m an ESTJ female.

11/30/2015 9:15 am

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Sergio Torres
05/10/2016 1:32 am

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12/09/2016 4:13 am

This is so cool. I don’t remember even answering to your poll but glad I did 🙂 As INFP I am not in the low income/low NW situation but can relate to the emotional rapport to money and investing.

Jon @ Be Net Worthy
Jon @ Be Net Worthy
12/09/2016 4:48 am

Very comprehensive and revealing too. I’m an INTJ and happily finance blogging away!

01/11/2017 7:53 am

Amazing post, thank you!
I’m happy to discover I – ENTJ – am part of one of the “less populated” group!


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Single Dad Living
Single Dad Living
01/26/2017 11:28 am

Great post. I really enjoyed it. Plus it gave me the opportunity to do the test on myself.

Apparently I’m an ENTP

02/23/2018 12:53 pm

I really would like to see what MBTI personality types are drawn to the index investing. Also you listed Steve Jobs twice under ENTJ and ISTP (ENTP at work here). I imagine there is a personality divide in going from personal finance to investing blogs. Increasing savings rate vs increasing income and increasing returns vs decreasing volatility.

04/05/2018 1:02 pm

This is very interesting stuff! I am a personal finance blogger and fall under INTJ too! Keep up the great work!

Steve Methiew
Steve Methiew
01/08/2019 10:55 am

Very authentic analysis being a personally types of bloggers. Good Luck.


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03/01/2019 11:54 am

I really enjoyed reading all of your research you did on the MBTI Assessment! I particularly enjoyed the job satisfaction ratings and how your personality can effect your income. It made me proud to be an ESTJ! It was cool to see a list of bloggers arranged by their type as well. Thanks for putting this all together. Great read!


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