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Financial Lesson from It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life – Movie I recently watched a black and white film from 1946 called It’s a Wonderful Life. The story is about a man named George Bailey who becomes overwhelmed with family obligations and a sense of responsibility towards his work and the people in his community of Bedford Falls. Faced with mounting financial challenges George starts… Read More »

A Collection of Mean Comments – Part 2

Achieving More Notoriety Once again Freedom 35 Blog has become the subject of debates and discussions across several online news sites and public message boards. 🙂 This humble little blog is becoming more popular than ever! I’ve found some of these online remarks and wanted to share them with my regular readers here. Below is a collection of mean comments about me and… Read More »

The Advantages of Inflation

The Advantages of Inflation Today I want to share one of my biggest secrets to success. I will explain how I generate $5,000 of value a year in passive wealth creation using my mortgage and other loans. It’s automatic, hassle free, hidden from my friends and the government, and is completely legitimate. 🙂 The Destroyer of Credit Everyone knows that inflation drives up the cost of… Read More »

Removing Your Mental Barriers

Breaking Through the Mental Barriers For most of humanity the world believed that it was not physically possible for humans to run a mile in 4 minutes or less. This was a universal belief because the challenge had been attempted by athletes across many generations throughout human history but no one had ever succeeded. 🙁 But then something miraculous happened in 1954. A man named… Read More »