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Leverage the World

Last week I was featured on MyOwnAdvisor.ca by its creator, Mark. It was a great privilege to share my financial independence journey with his readers. One of the most useful skills I’ve explained in the interview is the ability to use leverage. For long time readers of this blog, you already know I’m very fond of financial leverage.… Read More »

A Collection of Mean Comments – Part 4

Achieving more internet fame Just when I thought I had reached peak notoriety the internet hits me with more exuberant comments. I recently shared some financial tips on a popular internet forum. I simply espoused the benefits of an abundance mindset and to act on opportunities when they arise, among other suggestions. The result? I got absolutely lambasted… Read More »

A Collection of Mean Comments – Part 2

Achieving More Notoriety Once again Freedom 35 Blog has become the subject of debates and discussions across several online news sites and public message boards. 🙂 This humble little blog is becoming more popular than ever! I’ve found some of these online remarks and wanted to share them with my regular readers here. Below is a collection of mean comments about me and… Read More »