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Understanding Incentives

Learning About Incentives From The Big Short An incentive is something that motivates us to do something. The study of incentive structures can help determine economic activities. If our goal is to have money then we are motivated to work and get paid. 🙂 Understanding how incentives and disincentives work is important to analyzing the financial markets. The subprime mortgage crisis of… Read More »

Financial Lesson from It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life – Movie I recently watched a black and white film from 1946 called It’s a Wonderful Life. The story is about a man named George Bailey who becomes overwhelmed with family obligations and a sense of responsibility towards his work and the people in his community of Bedford Falls. Faced with mounting financial challenges George starts… Read More »

Minions Are Taking Over the World

Minions are cute yellow critters created by the brilliant minds who work at Universal Studios, and they are taking the world by storm. The Minions movie opened last month in Indonesia and then subsequently released in Australia, UK, and other countries. This past weekend was the North American début. Across Canada and the U.S., Minions opened in 4,302… Read More »

I’m Going Into Space – Space Tourism, Plus a Giveaway

Space Is Within Reach Some readers will probably know that one of my long term goals as stated on my “About Me” page is to go into outer space 😀 I haven’t gone up there yet because 3 factors in the past have always kept me grounded 😉 Money: It costs about $200,000 to get into space. Safety: Based… Read More »