Minions Are Taking Over the World

Minions are cute yellow critters created by the brilliant minds who work at Universal Studios, and they are taking the world by storm. The Minions movie opened last month in Indonesia and then subsequently released in Australia, UK, and other countries. This past weekend was the North American début. Across Canada and the U.S., Minions opened in 4,302 threatres. On average each location sold $26,800 of tickets means the movie made an estimated $115 million domestically. 🙂 That makes it the 2nd biggest opening for an animated film ever! only behind Shrek the Third. But all the Shrek movies are ogre rated if you ask me. 😆

The Minions Are Everywhere

Minions are taking over the world, drawing in consumers globally, and making large profits for its shareholders. Universal is owned by the publicly traded company, Comcast (CMCSA.) It only cost Universal $74 million to make Minions, according to Wikipedia, but the film has already made over $395 million at the box office world wide. Golly. What a terrific return on investment! 😉 It’s rare for the 3rd movie in a franchise to perform this well. The chances of that are probably one in a minion. 😆

Another way to have those Minions work for us is to buy Minion toys from McDonald’s. This investment method requires only $2 to get started so anyone can do it. The popular fast food company has teamed up with Universal to deliver little Minion toys that can talk. They come with every Happy Meal or can be purchased separately. If we manage to collect all 12 different Minions from McDonald’s then decades from now we could sell these toys for potentially hundreds of dollars. Ka-ching, baby. 😉


Universal’s other summer blockbuster this year, Jurassic World, raked in $1.47 billion at the box office so far and is the 5th highest grossing film of all time, right behind Furious 7, which also happens to be a Universal film, lol. I suppose that’s why Comcast shares are up 9% over the past month. 🙂 What a great start to the summer.


In the past I’ve I blogged about why Comcast and other giant media companies like Disney, Viacom, and Warner Bros are excellent investment choices. Instead of trying to pick the winners of the future it’s better to just buy them all. 🙂 As the number of middle class households in developing countries continue to rise, more of their money will be spent on movies and entertainment. Large media conglomerates pay a safe dividend and should continue to be profitable for the foreseeable future. 😉

Disclosure: I own MCD, CMCSA, DIS, FOXA, TWX


Random Useless Fact

40 years from now the millennial generation will be telling stories about flame wars and heated arguments they’ve had with random strangers on the internet.


“Well kids, it all started when this moron used your instead of you’re

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07/13/2015 12:00 pm

I’ve been Minion hunting. Can you check out your $MCD if they have #4, #9-#12? Those are the only ones I’m missing!!!

07/13/2015 1:03 pm

A woman I know has years worth of McDonald’s toys still sealed in the little plastic bags from the 90s. She took her 2 children for Happy Meals frequently but they never got to play with the toys. She was convinced they would be worth a fortune in the future.

Clarisse @ Make Money Your Way
07/13/2015 4:23 pm

I just bought three minion toys yesterday! My daughter so loved it, I’m hoping to complete all 10 minions.

07/13/2015 6:53 pm

Even Mr wanted a minion tie when we went to universal florida

07/14/2015 12:48 pm

Again, I just love your unorthodox way of investing. You always keep it so simple and invest regardless of how detailed metrics are and amazingly everything works very well so far 🙂 I am a big fan of you in terms of investing and want to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog.

Jess @ Best Credit Cards Canada
07/14/2015 3:13 pm

Good idea! Although my husband does most of the investing in our house, I don’t think we have any of this stock but I love this idea. I agree that Minions seem to be taking over the world. It would be nice to get in on a little of their success!