Does Astrology affect your personal finances?

What’s your sign?  What is your take on horoscopes? Legit or completely meaningless? If your birth month has no effect on your future prosperity then the rich should be proportionally distributed. Yet that’s not the case. For example, roughly 9% of people in the general population are Libra. However, Libras make up nearly 20% of billionaires. Meanwhile Sagittarius… Read More »

Global wealth at a glance

Global wealth rose 7.9% to US $431 trillion last year. This is how much everyone owns collectively, $431,000,000,000,000. The segment that generated the most growth was real assets such as real estate. Society is getting richer as a whole The financial assets owned by everyone in the world increased by 9.3% last year to a record $250 trillion.… Read More »