My new fund offer

Hey Folks. Just a quick announcement today. I am launching a new equity based investment fund where my readers can invest alongside me. 🙂 I believe I have demonstrated over time that I can add Alpha to a portfolio and beat the market index. I use a method called Factor investing to break down the different properties of… Read More »

Money, power, or fame

Pick one Which would you rather have, money, power, or fame? That’s actually a real interview question if you want to work for Pimco investment management. I think most people reading this would probably choose money over the other two. The problem with having power is that it almost always distorts the powerful person’s perception of reality. “Power… Read More »

A common retirement planning mistake

Retirement accounts are generally lauded for being tax friendly. But what if you’re a high income earner? 🤔 Can contributing to a tax advantaged retirement account hurt you instead of help you? Yes. I’ll demonstrate how in today’s post. A lot of readers here make over $100,000 a year. So let’s approach retirement planning from a taxation and… Read More »

Why inflation is taxation

You have to pay, one way or another When you understand that inflation is by design you’ll realize that the whole system is a shell game. And the only way to survive the game is to adequately prepare for the day when it ends.   Two ways for you to be taxed When you earn $60,000 a year… Read More »

Getting use to uncertainty

We’ve been here before One year ago no analyst could have predicted oil would surpass $120 a barrel. Yet here we are. No one saw oil futures going into negative territory in 2020, yet that happened as well. In 1979 there was even a call for the end of the stock market, lol.   I guess that magazine… Read More »