Reader’s Poll Results – Oil and DST

By | 12/26/2016

It’s time again to learn about you, the readers. 🙂 Last year I asked what people thought about lower oil prices and daylight saving time. Here are the results.

I agree with the consensus here. Although a lower price for oil means cheaper gasoline at the pumps I would much rather see higher profits and more dividends from the energy companies I own. More oil revenue also means more capital expenditures which creates more jobs in the economy. There’s only so much money we can save, but there’s no limit to how much we can earn in the capital markets. It looks like 59% of Freedom 35 Blog readers feel the same way. It probably means most people here care more about investing than about consuming. 😀

Six years ago I complained about the negative health effects and lowered productivity of DST.  It just makes everything unnecessarily more complicated. For example, clocks in most of Saskatchewan match clocks in Winnipeg during the winter, but then match clocks in Calgary and Edmonton during the summer. Wtf? o_O That makes it hard for me to conduct my cross provincial business. According to the results of this next poll, it appears that most people agree with me.

I’m surprised no politician has addressed this issue yet. I would vote for anyone who promises to get rid of daylight saving time. 😀

Random Useless Fact:

Sony is currently working on a new animated feature film. 😀


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