A Collection of Mean Comments – Part 1

Achieving Blog Notoriety

So I Googled my blog for fun, to see if it shows up on the front page. Well in doing so I have discovered something else that’s quite interesting. It appears people on the internet who aren’t bloggers have been talking about my site. 😀 So I’ve decided to share some of those comments with you guys today. I’m too lazy to type out everything so I just took snippets of screenshots instead. Below is a collection of mean comments on different forums and message boards about Freedom 35 Blog.

14-06-commentsaboutblog popular

Cor blimey 😯 Can you guys believe that? I was really surprised when I saw those comments! I mean I had no idea so many people were actually talking about my Freedom 35 blog. 😀 Aww yiss! I can almost feel the love. (^_^) I like to write about my financial management strategies. Last month I shared how to easily create extra income by selling options. Last week I blogged about buying a fixed income investment with leverage that yields me 10% annually with minimal risk. And earlier this year I wrote how to hedge against inflation by further diversifying into agriculture. But I had no idea my blog was generating so much interest across the web, which is super cool! I was even mentioned by someone in the Calgary Herald, one of my favourite news sites 🙂 I never expected my personal finance blog to be so popular. Thanks to everyone for reading and sharing!

[Edit] If you want to read more mean comments, here is part 2 of people’s remarks about this blog. [/Edit]

Random Useless Fact: 

A photograph taken from 1941 in Gold Bridge, B.C. is alleged to show a time traveller. A peculiar man is seen in the undoctored photo wearing clothing and sunglasses that was modern and not of the styles worn by anyone else in the 1940s. Today this strangely dressed man is often called the Time Travelling Hipster.


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Not Working
Not Working
07/02/2014 4:07 am

Damn those people surely know more than you why don’t they write their own blog ?
Well like they say any publicity is good publicity.

07/02/2014 4:15 am

Hah! I always thought you were a risk taker but it’s worked out well for you. No risk no reward right? I bet you some of those people are subscribed to your blog. It’s funny how sometimes if you don’t do things the “standard way” it’s seen as doing it wrong. Good luck to you.

07/02/2014 6:20 am

Hehe there are always going to be haters. Better than no one commenting like on my blog lol.

Finance Journey
07/02/2014 6:39 am

You are very popular man :D. May be you will be in TV shows, stage shows, etc, in the future – once you become a multi-millionaire.

Regarding those comments – no matter how well you are doing, there will always be someone criticizing you. I’ve never taken their comments as bad, sometimes it helps you to re-evaluate your strategies.

Keep it up your good work.

07/02/2014 8:12 am

I’ve read your blogs for years. I have never thought of you as ‘oblivious to risks’ … Not sure what they mean. If anything, you’ve talked about the risks along with potential benefits.

07/04/2014 9:32 am

No, you’re exactly right! If I thought your methods were crazy I would have stopped reading a long time ago.
As for the merger, nothing has changed in our stores yet, business as per usual. However, I’m sure things have changed for upper management… no effects from that has been seen yet.

07/02/2014 5:58 pm

Nobody knows YOUR money like you, and as I’ve said before, you are doing fine and learning at a quick rate. You back up your thoughts with action, and that’s the only way to learn how to make money. Only point to keep eyes on is that debt to equity ratio. It’s fine to use other people’s money, until they want more for it, in which case you need to have eyes on a quick exit plan… Cheers.

AAFS Insurance
07/02/2014 10:53 pm

Wow some people are really harsh. Glad you’re able to shrug it off and not take it personally.

07/03/2014 2:41 am

So, hi, I’m new here 🙂 I really expected you to come out swinging. Dismiss them. Fire back. Something other than be excited. You are totally a rock star in my book for how you handled the negativity. Lesson to me: don’t google my blog.

My Dividend Pipeline
07/04/2014 8:52 am

This is why I have for the most part given up trying to explain my goal of FI to some of my friends and certain family members…..can’t throw your pearls before swine.


07/04/2014 9:59 am

What lovely words all around 😉 I think you’re a little crazy, but only because I’m not at that point in my life to have a net worth close to that, especially with all the leveraging you’re doing… But it’s okay, I think a lot of people are little crazy, myself included 🙂

My Road to Wealth and Freedom
07/05/2014 5:59 pm

Hey Liquid, nice to see that you’re taking it all in stride. Keep your head up and stay focused on your goals and you should have no problem achieving freedom at 35!

Paul N
Paul N
07/11/2014 7:38 am

Omg I think I have the same shirt as the time traveler. Target sells them. The alien is from a target of the future.

Stick to your plan. Your obviously doing something right.

Matt E
Matt E
07/11/2014 5:25 pm

You’ve taken the criticism quite well. You mentioned above that no strategy is perfect and it is constantly changing and evolving over time. One of the criticisms was that you are over-leveraged. One thing that you may want to consider (positive criticism) is that you’ve only been through a boom cycle so far and haven’t seen the bust. It will come at some point – we all know that. What form it will come in and when is uncertain.

If you run the numbers for different scenarios on your investments in case of margin calls, interest rate hikes, etc. to see where your breaking point is. The funny thing about crashes is that they tend to come from multiple fronts for investors. I’ve known a few people who built up significant portfolios (housing, stocks and derivatives) prior to 2008 and lost everything once the banks called in their loans – they couldn’t rent their properties, and couldn’t liquidate their other assets. Ended up going bankrupt. It would be a shame for you to lose everything you have worked for so far. Just food for thought. Best of luck!


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