Top 5 Subreddits To Improve Your Financial Knowledge

What do you call the world’s largest bulletin board which has 174 million users? Reddit! 🙂 Registered members provide content on this social news website, and everyone decides, through voting, what’s important and what’s rubbish. Submitted pictures, links, and articles that receive community approval get pushed towards the top, so the front page is constantly updating with fresh, interesting entries.


New contents are organized by areas of interest called “subreddits”. Think of these as message boards with specific topics. Today I’d like to share some subreddits that I frequent from time to time to either learn something new, or simply read about interesting news and stories related to personal finance. 😉


  • 1,817,751 subscribers. One of the most popular subreddits. Learn how to better manage your money and debt in both the short and long term. Find out how to save an emergency fund and invest for your future.


  • 47,184 subscribers. This is a place for people who are or want to become financially independent or retire early. Users can discuss topics like lifestyle choices, sensible investments, and financial skills and goals.


  • 123,965 subscribers. A place to discuss news items relevant to investors, and share investment ideas and insights.


  • 11,885 subscribers. Similar to the first subreddit mentioned in this list, but this one is primarily focused on personal finance in Canada. This is a place for Canadians to get our money organized and well-invested, no matter what province we’re from.


  • 431,752 subscribers. Frugality is the mental approach we each take when considering our resource allocations. It includes time, money, convenience, and many other factors. The purpose of r/frugal is to share what everyone has each learned.

Related subreddits and honorable mentions:
r/finance | r/FinancialPlanning | r/investmenteducation | r/Economics | r/thrifty | r/minimalism

Some analysts estimate to be worth $500 million. The company only has 51 employees according to its Wikipedia page so technically the average Reddit worker is worth almost $10,000,000. 😯 That’s higher than other silicon valley workers from companies like Google and Twitter. I imagine life as a software developer must be pretty good. 🙂


Random Useless Fact:
Despite becoming the dictator of Germany, Adolf Hitler was not a natural German citizen. He was born in Austria and move to Germany. He didn’t become an actual German citizen until he was 42 years old.


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12/20/2014 11:12 pm

Interesting info, I see I was in the internet dark ages before as I had never been on reddit.

RE: the random useless fact. It’s amazing how some people move into the neighborhood and just take over the place.

Two Degrees
Two Degrees
12/22/2014 5:35 am

I gotta check these out! I don’t read Reddit enough …


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Thomas Riess (@Thomas_Riess)
05/01/2015 10:18 am

I absolutely love Reddit. Been Redditing for a good 7 years or so lol