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Financial Independence!

I have achieved financial freedoooom! After 12 years of saving and investing I have finally reached financial independence! This means the passive income generated from my investment portfolio is enough to pay for all my current and future living expenses. It’s not about spending more money on things. It’s about spending more time on the things that money… Read More »

What they don’t tell you about index investing

Stock picking vs index investing There’s a common belief that attempting to outperform the stock market is futile. A thread on the r/investing subreddit asked if anyone can beat the market. Here are some direct replies from the community: “I know I am statistically extremely unlikely to beat the market, and if I do beat it, it’s through… Read More »

March 2017 Fiscal Update – Passive Income Boost

When Long Term Planning Works Out Thanks to my recent investment in Lending Loop I am now making an additional $2,000 per year of interest income. This brings my total passive income to $24,000 per year. Sweet peaches and cream! 😀 Here’s a breakdown. $9,000 dividends $9,000 rent $6,000 interest Passive income is the best kind of income for 3 important reasons:… Read More »