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Why I Don’t Compare My Investment Returns to the Market Index

Beating the market isn’t necessarily hard. We don’t have to outperform everyone else. We just have to do better than the average. By picking individual stocks my investment returns have either matched or beaten the S&P/TSX Composite index every year since I started investing. 😀 But in today’s post I will explain why that doesn’t actually matter. When Using Debt… Read More »

Switched To Interactive Brokers – Saving $100 A Month

Lower Cost with Interactive Brokers Everyone likes a discount, especially personal finance enthusiasts. We tend to get hyped over even marginal deals. 😀 Speaking of margin-al discounts. I recently lowered my stock margin rate from 4.45% to just 1.95%. Hot damn! It’s even lower than my mortgage now, haha. 😁 One of the best things investors can do to increase our… Read More »