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Taking Advantage of Opportunities to Retire Early

Dale Jackson retired at the age of 55. He didn’t win the lottery or start his own successful business. He just worked and saved diligently throughout his career as a media journalist, most recently known for writing investment articles for BNN Bloomberg. He explains how he achieved early retirement in a recent interview.¬†Here are some highlights below. Keep‚Ķ Read More »

Creating a Life Plan

Schedule the Life You Want Without focus and direction, it’s easy to get lost. Imagine we are sailors looking for a remote island to retire on. We could sail aimlessly in the open waters for 40 days before finally finding something we like. But if we plan and pick a destination beforehand, then we can arrive there much‚Ķ Read More »

Effective Retirement Planning Can Be This Simple

How to Think About Retirement Planning Some people are reluctant to accept change, especially¬†cashiers because nobody likes to count nickels and dimes. But the world is constantly changing and the retirements of generation Y will look very different than generation X.¬†The trend towards a gig economy has only just begun. In the private sector less people are working‚Ķ Read More »