5 Checklist Items to Complete as an International Student

By | 09/22/2021

If you’re planning on traveling to the U.S. to study in a top university, you’ll find that there are plenty of opportunities in this country. However, there’s a lot you’ll want to research before making the leap, so you can be sure to have everything in place. Take a look at 5 things to take care of when planning to study in the U.S.:


Look into degree requirements

Are you moving to the U.S. to study in a graduate program? You’ll need to check out requirements for the type of program you want to study. For example, with certain degree options, you’ll need to pass the GRE verbal for international students. This test requires in-depth reasoning and analyzing, which means your English needs to be fluent enough.

If you feel you’re not quite ready to pass, you can always study up before taking the test to be sure. There are other requirements to consider, so before setting your heart on one specific program, look up the things you’ll need to apply.


Research visa requirements

Obviously, one of the most important details of your transition to the U.S. as an international student is a visa. Before you apply for just any type of visa, try to determine your long-term plans. For example, if you want an internship later on to help you build a career and gain financial independence, you’ll need a specific type, like the F-1 visa.


Check out accommodation options

It’s important to know that distances in the U.S. can often be long, with large open spaces between one area to the next, depending on where you’re visiting. Additionally, public transport isn’t always so readily available or well-connected like it is in other countries.

So, when looking for lodging, consider whether or not your lodging will require a car to get to school or if you want to live blocks away from it. Working with a realtor or browsing online for apartment share options can help you get an idea of what to expect when it comes to housing in your destination.


Make sure your healthcare is taken care of

If you can, make sure to get health insurance that can help keep you protected should you have an accident or some other health crisis while in the U.S. There are many appealing things about the U.S., but healthcare affordability isn’t something you’ll find to be one of them. With good insurance coverage, you can be taken care of, should the need arise. The last thing you want is to end up with a lot of debt from a health crisis while studying in the U.S.


Research your destination

If you’ve chosen a school, applied to it, and have been accepted, start researching the city you’ll be going to. While your focus is on your degree, your opportunity includes getting to know a new country. It can be exciting to look forward to a new city, especially when you find out about all of the great things you can do there.

Plan ahead, so that you ensure you have time to go on road trips and visit the best destinations nearby. While your studies will take up most of your time, there will be time for fun as well.


In Conclusion

Studying in the U.S. is a dream for many. The country offers top educational opportunities, as well as the possibility of getting a great job post-graduation.


However, the experience of becoming a student in the U.S. is one that requires careful planning and preparation and is something many students start thinking about and planning for while in high school. If your dream is to study in the U.S., start planning ahead today with this checklist.

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