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October 2016 Fiscal Update – U.S. Election

The Advantage of Asymmetric Risk/Reward An asymmetric trade is when we have limited downside risk, but a lot more upside return potential. 😀 For example, earlier this year Great Britain held a referendum to decide whether or not it should leave the European Union. There was a 50/50 chance it could go either way. However most investors, traders and… Read More »

What a Liberal Government Means for Canadian Personal Finances

What a Liberal Government Means for Canadian Investors ? Last week the charismatic Justin Trudeau lead the Liberals to win the 2015 federal election. I’m sure his good looks has nothing to do his popularity and success. 😛 Justin pledged to make meaningful policy changes to the country that could benefit millions. But will his commitments help you? The… Read More »

How much money does Donald Trump make?

Donald Trump Reveals His Personal Finances ? I watched part of the Republican debate earlier this month. Some Americans warn that if Donald Trump becomes the next President then there will be Hell toupée. ? But he also has a lot of dedicated supporters. He’s quite a polarizing political figure. But what’s even bigger than his brash character and bold… Read More »