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Comparing Countries

I often like to compare lifestyles between different countries. I think where each of us are born has a huge impact on not only our own lives but also how we influence those around us. I recently found this ifitweremyhome.com that compares countries and the average lifestyles of people from all over the world. Coincidentally Canada is currently featured… Read More »

Fiscal Update – Jun 2012 – $100,000 Milestone

After a few months of stagnation my net worth is finally starting to climb up again. This is largely thanks to a bonus check I got in June.  We don’t get bonuses every year so we were lucky this time. I almost feel bad accepting it though because Italy (the world’s 8th largest economy, which is even larger… Read More »

Hedge Fund Update – An Electrified Fund

I recently updated my Dividend Subsidizing Hedge Fund thanks to a reminder from a reader. I’m receiving more subsidies now in all categories. The biggest WIN is that my monthly electricity bill is now 100% subsidized by the utility industry and its partners. This means I don’t have to pay another dime of my hard earned money to pay… Read More »