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Economic Mobility Depends on Location

Is the United States of America still the land of opportunity or is it becoming more difficult for people at the bottom to live the dream? The answer depends on where you live 😉 Upward mobility measures the likelihood for people to move up their economic status. A recent study published by the Equality of Opportunity Project shows that… Read More »

Fiscal Update – Feb 2013 – US Stocks

Real estate continues to soften in Canada but is picking up steam in the US. Stocks were relatively flat but overall nudged up slightly. I’ve decided to finally add my US trading account to my net worth. There’s not much in there. It’s only worth maybe $30K, made up of different US companies like Starbucks, Caterpillar, and other… Read More »

Comparing Countries

I often like to compare lifestyles between different countries. I think where each of us are born has a huge impact on not only our own lives but also how we influence those around us. I recently found this ifitweremyhome.com that compares countries and the average lifestyles of people from all over the world. Coincidentally Canada is currently featured… Read More »

2012 Wealth

For a more complete look at Canadian’s net worth including by age group and family type click the following link. https://www.freedomthirtyfiveblog.com/resources/median-and-average-net-worth —————————————————————————– I recently read this article on lsminsurance which says Canadians have a higher net worth than Americans. The data shows that the median net worth per adult in Canada is $89,014. That means $89,014 represents the perfect… Read More »