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Is Enbridge Stock a Good Buy at $47?

tl:dr. The answer is yes, Enbridge is a good buy. ūüôā Fair Market Value of¬†Enbridge (ENB)¬† Canadian pipeline company Enbridge is currently trading at around $47 per share. But based on¬†Benjamin Graham’s formula for valuing stocks, which I’ve discussed before,¬†the fair market value of Enbridge should be around $62. Enbridge stock’s EPS is $1.96. The growth rate (g)‚Ķ Read More »

Hedge Fund Update – An Electrified Fund

I recently updated my Dividend Subsidizing Hedge Fund¬†thanks to a reminder from a reader. I’m receiving more subsidies now in all categories. The biggest WIN is that my monthly electricity bill is now 100% subsidized by the utility industry and its partners. This means I don’t have to pay another dime of my hard earned money to pay‚Ķ Read More »

Notes Worth Considering

¬† ¬† ¬†A government decision has created an indirect benefit to investors. Canada has started to roll out the new plastic banknotes starting with the $100 bill.¬†¬†I think these are much better than our old paper money because they’re more durable, ¬†harder to¬†counterfeit, waterproof, recyclable, and they look amazing. I guess this gives a new meaning to the‚Ķ Read More »