Monthly Archives: February 2014

Fiscal Update Feb 2014 – With an Automatic DRIP

Absolutely incredible month for stocks in February. Most companies beat the street’s earnings expectations 😉 Furthermore, one of my favorite companies, TD, did a 1:2 stock split and raised its dividends! I also had quite a lot of DRIPs this month 🙂 #Score! The title in today’s post isn’t just a reference to Bloodhound Gang’s catchy song 😉 DRIPs are… Read More »

When to Buy Life Insurance

Last year I spoke with representatives from the insurance industry to learn about how life insurance works from a client’s point of view. There seems to be 2 difference kinds of insurance plans: term, and permanent. Term life insurance will insure someone for a specified length of time like 5, 10, or 20 years. A premium is paid… Read More »

Playing the Lottery

In a recent poll commissioned by the Bank of Montreal, 34% of Canadians say they are planning to fund their retirement by winning the lottery. That has to be the most optimistic retirement plan I’ve ever heard of 😆 Most personal finance experts will probably tell you that buying lottery tickets is a waste of money and isn’t… Read More »