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When Life Offers You a Rocket Ship – Get On

Sheryl Sandberg thought she was making a mistake. The year was 2001 and she had applied for a¬†general manager of business units position. Sheryl began to doubt if there was even a job there¬†at all. The small technology¬†start-up didn’t even have¬†“business” units so what was there to manage? Furthermore the position appeared to be several levels lower than‚Ķ Read More »

$67,000 a Year for an Intern Position

Despite the unemployment rate in the US hovering around 7.7% there’s no shortage of job opportunities for outgoing individuals who thrive in a challenging but rewarding work environment. ¬†A time tested skill the world will always need is engineering. Industrial engineers were in high demand during the industrial revolution but in today’s fast pace mobile/technological world software engineers‚Ķ Read More »