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Insurance Can be the Cornerstone of Personal Finance

When cutting expenses and finding ways to save money for retirement, a great vacation, college tuition or anything else, one of the first things to look at is insurance coverage. Below are some examples of common insurance types to consider. . Life Insurance Life insurance can come in different forms. The least expensive is term insurance. It provides coverage a specified amount… Read More »

Tax Tracking

I recently read an article written by the affable David Carrigg, a prolific Canadian columnist 🙂 The article is about how a public insurance company (ICBC) made a botch of things and overcharged its customers by $39 million! Furthermore ICBC not only overcharged some of its clients, but it also undercharged other customers to the tune of $71 million total. Many B.C. residents became upset. When… Read More »

When to Buy Life Insurance

Last year I spoke with representatives from the insurance industry to learn about how life insurance works from a client’s point of view. There seems to be 2 difference kinds of insurance plans: term, and permanent. Term life insurance will insure someone for a specified length of time like 5, 10, or 20 years. A premium is paid… Read More »