Financial Lessons from 2 Broke Girls

There’s a sitcom on CBS called 2 Broke Girls. It’s the story about Max and Caroline who are both poor and work at a diner in Brooklyn, New York. Despite their financial circumstance they want to start their own cupcake business (゜∀゜) Their plan is to save $250,000 and open up their own cupcake store one day.

Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched it already but in last week’s episode they discovered an old, hidden storage room in the back of the diner which nobody knew about before. Caroline said “Uhg. It’s so humid and damp in here. Now I know how balls feel” 😀 The restaurant manager was about to hire a cleaning company but then Max suggested that she and Caroline could clean the derelict room instead since they could use the extra cash. The manager agreed to pay them $600. In the middle of steam cleaning they discovered the room had some shutters which opened up to the street outside. And Eureka 🙂 the girls realized this would be the perfect place for them to set up a small cupcake walk-up window, literally a window of opportunity (^_^) This would surely bring them one step closer to success.


There are a couple of financial lessons we can learn from this episode. Even undesirable work can lead to great opportunity, and if we start from the bottom then there’s no way to go but up 😀 Sometimes I feel sympathy for these two girls. Caroline uses free napkins as coffee filters, and in an earlier episode Max experienced sushi for the first time in her life. They work so hard for low wages, and sacrifice so much for their dream of eventually opening up a business together. I think we can all learn something from these two characters 🙂 I watch the show because it inspires me to work hard, use my financial resources wisely, and keep me focused on my own goals :0)

Random Useless Fact: More than 8,000 French households’ tax bills topped 100 percent of their income in 2012.

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05/19/2013 7:49 am

So many people don’t like this show it seems like, but I actually enjoy it! Good post.

Renée (@nickelbynickel)
Renée (@nickelbynickel)
05/19/2013 11:09 am

there are so many dirty puns in this show :d hahaha awesome

Miss Amanda
05/19/2013 1:20 pm

I’ve never watched this show (I don’t have cable). Might have to check it out.

05/22/2013 9:12 pm

I haven’t seen this show, but heard of it. Might check it out for possible inspiration…

myownadvisor (@myownadvisor)
myownadvisor (@myownadvisor)
05/24/2013 3:08 am

I don’t watch the show but the women look cute 😉


09/29/2013 8:56 am

Impressive. You actually made this vulgar show into a symbol of chasing the American Dream. I’m actually glad that someone is getting something of value out of this mess. Personally, I can’t bear to watch it.