Monthly Archives: May 2013

Abysmal Savings

According to a new study by the CGA Association of Canada, 1/3rd of Canadians are living paycheck to paycheck 🙁  The consensus was that the people surveyed believed their incomes were not “keeping pace with the cost of living.”  Sigh (-_-;) If only they understood how to hedge their expenses against inflation protected investments like consumer staples that have a… Read More »

Home Sales Stable

The Canadian Real Estate Association recently announced that national home sales pretty much stayed the same in April. Compared to last year’s April activities, sales were 3.1% lower this year. However, the average sale price rose by 1.3% over the same time led by gains in Calgary, and parts of Ontario. The national average price for homes is now $380,588. Overall CREA… Read More »

Adapting to Create Wealth

To become rich we should try to maximize our earnings and minimize our expenses. Here are two simple ways to do it by adapting. First, on the earnings side, we can take advantage of unfair market forces to increase our investment potential. For example Canada’s telecommunication sector is an oligopoly with over 90% of the wireless market owned… Read More »