New Ideas On the Horizon

Once In awhile we have to step outside of our comfort zone and try to learn something new. After all it’s the experiences we go through and how we interpret them that gives us our individuality and unique appeal. After my friend told me she recently had a baby girl it made me think about what I’ve been doing for the last year.  Reflecting on my current situation it really hasn’t changed much from this time in 2011. The stock market and my investments haven’t increased all that much. I still prepare meals for one. And still haven’t made a penny from my blog yet, haha. At least am on track to meet my financial goals for the end of this year, but maybe it wouldn’t hurt to mix things up a bit.

So starting next week I’ve decided to do the following.

  • Research alternative investments. In particular, farm land investing. That’s right, maybe I’ll have my own farm one day! I think agricultural land is a great low-risk asset which provides the benefit of a bond (yield) as well as inflation protection.
  • Go on a date. I have some of those 2-meal deal coupons for A&W. It would wasteful if I just let them expire   (o.O)
  • Make some online income, at least enough to cover the cost of running this site (^_^)

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Random Useless Fact: Before 1975 the US dollar sign ($) represented foreign currency. Also the “$” symbol has never appeared on any U.S. currency. Not even the 1 dollar bill. (source)

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Not Working
Not Working
07/14/2012 6:31 am

i work in a web hosting compagny i would offer you free hosting for 1 year if you want. check it out (-o _ o- )

07/16/2012 7:52 am
Reply to  Not Working

I really appreciate that offer. I wish I had found that out sooner. I already have a 2 year contract with my current host, but will consider WHC once my plan expires ;).

Modest Money
07/14/2012 7:51 am

lmao about the A&W coupons! Too funny. I’ll give you some pointers for making some money from your blog soon though.

Good idea to mix things up though. You’re kicking some ass on the financial front. Now it’s time to carry that success over to other areas.

07/16/2012 8:02 am
Reply to  Modest Money

Maybe I’ll watch some James Bond films to learn some tips on how to talk to women :0)

Captain Awesome
Captain Awesome
07/14/2012 8:28 am

I’m fairly involved with alternative investing – and AG Capita fund that you brought up is considered to be what’s called “exempt market” – lots of real estate investing, flow through shares investments in gas and oil industry, etc. The returns are much higher than your usual stock market but it’s fairly unusual concept – you’re investing directly into products or projects. You have to be very comfortable with it.

I actually looked into AG Capita at some point, and listened to the presentation of their president – but didn’t go through because you lock your money for about 5 years.

Check out Raintree Financial – they’re exempt market dealer.

07/16/2012 8:09 am

This exempt market idea sounds full of great opportunities :). Thanks for sharing what you know about AG Capita. I called them last week and left a message. Hope they will get back to me. From what I’ve gathered in forums and message boards, which isn’t 100% reliable, they charge an MER equivalent of 2%, plus they take a 20% fee on capital gains. This is very similar how hedge funds work and I’m a bit dubious towards this kind of investment model, especially when this company hasn’t been around for all that long yet. I’ll check out Raintree later. Thanks for dropping by.

07/14/2012 7:59 pm

Just a pointer Liquid, most girls would frown upon a guy who uses coupon on their first date! Unless the girl is super cool (me kakaka) and knows a thing or two about money. Once you two are going steady, time to whip out those coupons! Dating can really hit hard on your wallet.

I miss working PT, funny thing you mentioned A&W coupons… I applied there recently but nothing!
It’s great that you’re taking initiatives to creating a steady stream of income. It takes a lot of motivation and dedication to create wealth. You can do it!

07/16/2012 8:20 am
Reply to  agentfang

Great advice Ms. Fang 🙂 Haha, the world should have more super cool girls out there like you.

Julie @ Freedom 48
Julie @ Freedom 48
07/15/2012 12:30 pm

Great ideas for stepping outside your comfort zone. We love taking advantage of those 2for1 meal coupons… it makes the meal that much more satisfying!

07/16/2012 8:25 am

Fast-food coupons are about the only coupons I use these days.

07/16/2012 7:45 am

I would be all over those A&W coupons! But knowing you, if I dropped by, they would magically become McDonald coupons. 😛

Keep us posted about your alternative investments; that’s a pretty cool direction to be heading!

07/16/2012 8:26 am
Reply to  Vicky

You’re welcome to use my coupons anytime Ms V. A&W or McDonalds, I have them both :).

07/16/2012 11:59 am

lol I’m also just finding out dating can be pretty expensive. It’s a bit tough to decide what’s fair for each of us to pay knowing I make more money than her…

07/16/2012 6:46 pm
Reply to  Dave

I know the feeling bro, I spent over $100 on my last date. I think it’s something couples can talk about and decide what works best for them, not what works for other couples. I usually offer to pay every time except for when the lady insists she wants to pay, or has told me earlier it would be her treat.

07/22/2012 5:20 pm
Reply to  Liquid

$100 on a date?! I don’t think I’ve been on a date that cost that much, ever. Happy hour, coffee, or dinner with no drinks and dessert at an ice cream place later make for much more reasonably priced dates.

Did you find someone to use the A&W coupons? 🙂

07/23/2012 1:22 am
Reply to  Leigh

Haha, I haven’t found anyone to use those coupons with yet. It’s harder than I thought to find singles around here (^_^;) and most dating sites for professionals don’t really have matches for guys my age. That date was the most expensive one I went on but the good news is I think it was totally worth it. $60 for two aquarium tickets, followed by a $30 dinner. Plus transportation costs, snacks at the aquarium, etc… Maybe I’ll stick with your happy hour or desert idea next time (~_~)