Monthly Archives: July 2012

My $15,000 Shopping Spree

Over the last couple of months I went on a big shopping spree and splurged myself silly (~_~;) $15,000 of unnecessary spending is not a very sustainable lifestyle, but at least I didn’t spend all my money in one place because that would be financially irresponsible (・_・;) When was your last shopping spree and how much did you spend? As you… Read More »

Our Most Valuable Asset: Part 1

Calculating our net worth requires us to know the value of all our assets. But ironically our most valuable asset is always left out when determining our real wealth. I have a special type of asset which is worth even more than my apartment. But the problem is I can’t add it into my net worth statement (O_o) That’s… Read More »

The 3 Stages of Financial Freedom

Perusing through some of my older posts I found three mini entries where I talk about how we must go through 3 increasingly difficult milestones to reach the pinnacle of financial freedom. I think it’s worth posting again to remind anyone who wants to be financially free some day to ask themselves what freedom really means to them,… Read More »

Financial Lessons From The Greatest

Recently read and was inspired by this article to reflect on how people have changed throughout the generations, and really put things into perspective. We all know about generation Y (hey that’s me), generation X, and the Baby Boomer generation (such as my parents.) It’s no secret that we don’t always get along with each other. Boomers sometimes talk… Read More »