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Making Money from the Sun – My New Solar Energy Investment

Investing in a Brighter Future The Easiest $300 I’ll Make This Year Hello eco-conscious friends! I recently discovered a way to earn $300 in interest/year by using leverage and low interest rates. 🙂 For those who are interested in the details, here’s how it’s done. Step 1: Borrow $10,000 from the bank at 3% annual interest rate. Step 2:… Read More »

New Purchase – Mortgage Investment Corporation

MICs – Real Estate Investment Through Debt It appears both the real estate and stock markets in Canada are at all time highs 😯 Meanwhile yields on bonds and GICs are still near record lows. 🙁 Even cash is losing its appeal because energy and food prices have pushed the inflation rate to a multi-year high. Which begs the question: Where… Read More »

Potential Investment Idea – Diamonds

I got a call earlier this week from a fellow who works for a diamond brokerage firm. I gave them my contact information when I went to a resource conference earlier this year. He wanted to tell me that their Vancouver office is holding a seminar later this month about investing in diamonds. Fancy colored diamonds in particular. I thought… Read More »