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What to Buy When Everything is Expensive

For long term investors, earning 5% to 7% annual return (after tax) is a suitable target to aim for. But this is difficult to pull off today. The current expected returns of the financial markets are extremely low by historical standards. Traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds are generally overvalued now. Stock Market Expected Return = 3.2% The… Read More »

Making Money from the Sun – My New Solar Energy Investment

Investing in a Brighter Future The Easiest $300 I’ll Make This Year Hello eco-conscious friends! I recently discovered a way to earn $300 in interest/year by using leverage and low interest rates. 🙂 For those who are interested in the details, here’s how it’s done. Step 1: Borrow $10,000 from the bank at 3% annual interest rate. Step 2:… Read More »

New Purchase – Mortgage Investment Corporation

MICs – Real Estate Investment Through Debt It appears both the real estate and stock markets in Canada are at all time highs 😯 Meanwhile yields on bonds and GICs are still near record lows. 🙁 Even cash is losing its appeal because energy and food prices have pushed the inflation rate to a multi-year high. Which begs the question: Where… Read More »

Potential Investment Idea – Diamonds

I got a call earlier this week from a fellow who works for a diamond brokerage firm. I gave them my contact information when I went to a resource conference earlier this year. He wanted to tell me that their Vancouver office is holding a seminar later this month about investing in diamonds. Fancy colored diamonds in particular. I thought… Read More »