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How to Predict the Next Recession

The Next Recession is Coming Although not directly correlated to the stock market in the short term, the economy also experiences cycles of ups and downs. Here are some graphs that have historically been very reliable when used to forecast recessions in the United States. Recessions occur when the total economic output of the country declines in twoā€¦ Read More »

More Signs of a Coming Market Correction

The New York stock exchange regularly releases information about how much margin (or debt) investors are using to invest.Ā Based on the latest reportsĀ from the NYSE market data, Doug Short who writes forĀ advisorperspectivesĀ put together the following graph which convenientlyĀ comparesĀ the credit balance of investor’s accounts to the S&P 500 over the past two decades. We can clearly see some correlationā€¦ Read More »