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Poll Results – Useless Superpowers

Time again to learn about you, the readers. 😀 Last year freedom 35 blog visitors were asked to choose which superpower is the most useless. Results below. Thanks to everyone who voted (^_^) Being able to moonwalk, but only when on the moon is the most useless power with almost 30% of the votes. I agree with this sentiment. This ability… Read More »

More Wealth, More Debt

All Money Comes from Debt All the money in your bank account right now was created from debt in one form or another. The government creates money by issuing debt (bonds.) It then pays this money to public service employees, and the money eventually gets spent into the economy. The money from private sector jobs comes from debt as well. Small businesses often… Read More »

Tax Tracking

I recently read an article written by the affable David Carrigg, a prolific Canadian columnist 🙂 The article is about how a public insurance company (ICBC) made a botch of things and overcharged its customers by $39 million! Furthermore ICBC not only overcharged some of its clients, but it also undercharged other customers to the tune of $71 million total. Many B.C. residents became upset. When… Read More »

$67,000 a Year for an Intern Position

Despite the unemployment rate in the US hovering around 7.7% there’s no shortage of job opportunities for outgoing individuals who thrive in a challenging but rewarding work environment.  A time tested skill the world will always need is engineering. Industrial engineers were in high demand during the industrial revolution but in today’s fast pace mobile/technological world software engineers… Read More »

Gay People Are Smart With Their Money

The correlation between having money and being gay Read an interesting article from the Huffingtonpost about how gay Americans are financially more secure than the average American. (huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/06/gay-people-more-financially-secure_n_2249677.html) According to the survey of more than 1,000 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people by Prudential, a financial services company, the average LGBTQ household earns $61,500 annually, which is more… Read More »