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February 2022 Options Trading Summary | $7,404

February options trading update   I earned $7,403.73 in net premiums after commission this month. Most of this was thanks to the higher than average volatility in the stock market. 🙂 Higher implied volatility increases option premiums, translating into more income for option sellers like myself.   Video breakdown of trades I produced a video explaining my individual… Read More »

January 2022 – Options Trading Summary

January options trading update   I earned $1892 in net premiums last month. It was an incredible time to be an options trader. 🙂 When stock markets are volatile, option premiums increase. This translates into more income for option sellers. The majority of my trades are selling options, which takes advantage of time decay. And the burn rate… Read More »

Options Trading Update – Nov 2021 – Assignment

November options trading review I received $1,579 in premiums selling options in November. 😀 This is a new record high for me. Yay! For the first time ever I had my options assigned. I will discuss what those were, and what I plan to do with those stocks next. 🙂 First, here are the detailed trading transactions below.… Read More »

Options Update – Oct 2021 and EFIC Podcast Appearance

October options trading review This month I received $1,485 in premiums from selling options on a portfolio worth about $290,000. 😀   The biggest premium earned this month was from a BlackRock put option, a whole $259. I did an in-depth video explainer here in case you missed it. My options trades and other investments were discussed in… Read More »