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April 2022 Options Trading Summary | $8,273

April options trading update I didn’t think I would be so busy with options in April. But I saw some opportunities I just couldn’t pass up, which included a decent gain ($3k) from Netflix. 🙂   It’s officially been 1 entire year since I started trading options. I’ve learned a lot over that time. And fortunately I got… Read More »

Options Trading Update – Nov 2021 – Assignment

November options trading review I received $1,579 in premiums selling options in November. 😀 This is a new record high for me. Yay! For the first time ever I had my options assigned. I will discuss what those were, and what I plan to do with those stocks next. 🙂 First, here are the detailed trading transactions below.… Read More »

The Long Term Advantage

Advantage of Long Term Thinking There’s an advantage in the business world for thinking long term. If a company only makes short term goals then it will be forced to compete with many other businesses in the same industry. It doesn’t take a lot of foresight or planning to run a company for 1 or 2 years, so that’s what… Read More »