Becoming Well Rounded

I don’t know how much the world will change 5 years from now. After all, I don’t have 2020 vision. 😀

The future is always uncertain. But we can increase our probability for financial success by learning a wide variety of financial knowledge to become a well rounded investor. Being really knowledgeable or talented in one particular skill can also be useful in life. Many professionals rely on their unique trades to earn a living. However when it comes to managing our money I think studying a wider range of topics is more beneficial because money affects almost all aspects of our lives.


Novice investors are often taught that a diversified nest egg will minimize risk. There is nothing wrong with this advice. But before we can diversify our investment funds we should probably diversify our investment knowledge. Everybody knows how to invest in index funds, but understanding how they work will allow us to actually decide if they’re the right investments for us, which is way more important. 😉

Learning as much as we can about as many things as we can means we can’t be picky about where knowledge comes from. This means being aware of our negative biases. Sometimes we might think, “He’s so rich and out of touch with the rest of the world,” or “I don’t want to hear anything this conceited dingle-berry has to say about money.” But if we are overly selective about who or what we listen to then we could be missing out on a valuable learning opportunity from someone who has first-hand experience in a particular discipline of the financial world that we’re not familiar with. It doesn’t mean we should agree with, or value the opinions of everyone in the world. It’s simply about not limiting our sources of information. 😉 Most of us won’t become billionaires or CEOs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn something useful from those who are, even if some of them happen to be presumptuous fart-nuggets. 😛

Creating a toolkit from a wide range of topics is the best way to make informed decisions with our money. But there’s not a single “best” way to become a well rounded financial expert. I like to learn from a variety of books, speeches, TV/Radio interviews, magazine profiles, online articles, podcasts, and other blogs. 🙂

Random Useless Fact:

Only smart people can say the following words out loud without getting tongue tied. 😛

Eye, Yam, Stew, Peed

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03/02/2015 7:49 am

As a former work collegue once said “He may something that is useful”.
We can learn just as much from those who are less rounded than us as well as from those who are much more defined in their occupation.
It may be more interesting to talk with Joe Blo on how he doubled his investment than talking with a fund manager who is probably more constrained by all the dinaro he manipulates. So just don’t blo the small guy off but take what he has to offer in hand and weight it to you own endeavours. (you can read what you want in to that one – LOL)

A well rounded view point means you listen to just about everything and anything. As time goes on you may get a bit more selective if you have heard it before.


P.S. I did not get tongued tied LOL
I am not sure if I am smart or stupid but it was a good laugh

Gen X Investor
03/02/2015 10:56 am

Think about Warren Buffett, he spends his entire day reading everything under the sun – from books and reports to newspapers and magazines – so he can try to identify some long term trends to help guide his investing method. I think studying self-made millionaires and billionaires is well worth it if we are to glean some insights into what made them successful.

Gen Y Finance Guy
03/02/2015 5:01 pm

Another word for diverse is variety. And as Tony Horton says “Variety is the spice of life”.

Or as Jim Rohn put it ” if you want more, you must become more” and you become more by gaining more knowledge and then applying that new knowledge.

03/02/2015 7:08 pm

I’m an ESFJ, so pretty much opposite you. I guess that is why sales work for me.

03/03/2015 10:02 am

you must have watched Arrow

CanadianBudgetBinder (@CanadianBudgetB)

I agree you need that knowledge in order to make financial decisions that are right for you.

Asset Grinder
03/03/2015 9:58 am

The more you have the more you realize you don’t have. Never stop learning. I hate know it alls that admit no flaws. I find the most confident people are often the more clueless and close minded to new ideas.

The Asian Pear
03/03/2015 10:12 am

Great post. I’d also suggest that speaking/talking with people is also a great source of knowledge. Perhaps not ANYBODY. But if you know someone who’s successful or doing moderately well, it’s a good source. Also, just sharing knowledge between friends is a good idea.

Re: random fact of the day, apparently, I am too dumb to read it out loud. =P

03/03/2015 1:10 pm

I am well aware that I know very little about investing, which is part of why I read so many personal finance blogs… in a hopes to learn from them, but I should probably expand my horizons a bit and read some other sources, and talk to some other people…

03/03/2015 7:12 pm

just curious what does your morning routine usually look like?
Can we have a post on a typical Liquid’s weekday?

03/03/2015 11:32 pm

Cool I love your posts!


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