Enjoy the IMAX Experience at Home – For $3 million

IMAX at Home

If you happen to have $3 million just lying around you can install a home theater system, IMAX style. 🙂 The 3D theater company will install one of its screens, along with the projectors, seats, and lighting all in the comfort of your very own house. Actually, most houses won’t even fit the installation. IMAX needs a room that’s a minimum of 21 feet wide, and 20 feet deep, plus 10 feet of additional space for the projection. That’s roughly a 600 square feet room, except it also has to be 12 feet high, lol.


Once it’s installed you can watch Hollywood blockbusters the day they hit theaters. You just have to pay $500 per movie. 🙂 You can also watch sports, play video games and stream concerts on the large, crystal-clear projection screen and custom sound system.

Speaking of movies. IGN has put together a comprehensive list of upcoming Marvel and DC movies for the next 6 years. 🙂 The “UNTITLED MARVEL FILM” in May 2018 is confirmed to be Avengers, Infinity War Part 1. And Part 2 will come out in May of 2019 as the other untitled marvel film in the list. These 2 movies will be based on The Infinity Gauntlet comic book series. 😀


Investing in Fictional Characters

Collecting Marvel and DC memorabilia can be quite lucrative. A mint copy of the first Captain America issue has a CGC certified value of $350K. The first issue of Action Comics which features Superman sold for $3.2 million on eBay earlier this year. 😯 Another way to invest in superheroes is to buy companies that own those characters. Personally I have shares of Cineplex, Disney, Time Warner, and Fox. Cineplex owns movie theatres. Disney owns Marvel. Time Warner owns DC Comics and Warner Bros. And Fox owns the movie rights to the X-Men and Spider-Man franchise.

Cross Marketing

I really like what Marvel and DC are doing with their television series. You can watch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on ABC every Tuesday, which ties into the Marvel movie universe. You can also watch The Flash, and Arrow (both DC characters) every week on the WB television network. They even do crossovers so sometimes characters from one series would show up in the other, which is really neat. If someone was only a fan of one show it might get them interested to check out the other. More fans equal more profit.

I am currently heavily invested in these companies because I think over the next 5 to 10 years there will be a ton of multimedia content (film, tv, comics) and I don’t want to miss out on the financial success of this growing industry. 🙂

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11/13/2014 7:53 am

Nice timing on this post. After picking up some additional shares of Disney recently, I am looking at other areas I can expand my investments to. The area of memorabilia collecting was never on my radar until I read your blog post. Thanks for the tip 😉

11/13/2014 10:23 am

Jeez. Although I guess 12 feet high isn’t so ridiculous when you figure you’re paying $3 million for the equipment. Ooh, and some other words for your list — taxi, bar, mom

11/13/2014 6:44 pm

I have a rec room that fit the specification, but I’m not sure about the $3 mil for reno… Haha. I think building a IMAX at home is totally missing the point. The point is going to a movie with your lover, your friends, your family. It’s the experience of going, not the experience of watching. Like, I take my nieces and nephews out for their first movie theater, ever. They thought it was the coolest thing, they get popcorn, sour worm, starburst candies, hug glass of coke, have them all wired up. Movies like batman, Spider-Man, avartar invited all these die hard fans, and they are pretty cool to be around.

The Asian Pear
11/14/2014 9:10 am

Sorry… Gonna go Geek Girl for a second…. EEEEE!!! THE INFINITY GAUNTLET!! I am SOOO excited! 😀 😀

AssetGrinder (@AssetGrinder)
11/14/2014 2:49 pm

Disney stock is def on my radar in the future. I would love a theater room at some point as I always upgrade my TV every couple years and do the tv shuffle with the rest of the tvs in the house and then my parents get my eldest tv. Right now they got my old 60 toshiba projection tv, lol what a dinosaur!

11/14/2014 6:56 pm

I wonder how many installations Imax have done to date 🙂 Majority of us will have to just pay a ticket to experience the Imax.

Too bad, I didn’t add Disney when you first mention your stock addition to your list. I recently bought Disney in my RRSP account. Big fan of Disney.

No More Waffles
11/16/2014 2:34 am

$3 million!? If they gave me 20% of the margin on this product I’d be probably be able to retire… If I wasn’t as frugal as I am, I’d probably have built a home cinema in my own home just to play video games.

No More Waffles
11/16/2014 4:50 am

Consider it done! 🙂

A Frugal Family's Journey
A Frugal Family's Journey
11/16/2014 8:40 am

Nice tie in with your current investments in Cineplex, Disney, Time Warner, etc. As prices for these go down (albeit years from now), the direct affect to your investments should grow accordingly. Meanwhile, it’s nice to get a small glimpse into how the 1-percenters live. 🙂

Thanks for sharing this article, it allowed me to dream for at least a few seconds. 🙂 AFFJ