Weekend News and Blog Roundup – Cineplex Dividend Hike

I didn’t get the new job (-_-;)

About 4 months ago I blogged about going for an interview at one of my favorite restaurants in the world. I was already making passive income from their stock dividends, but I decided it would be fun to make some active income as well by working there part time! Unfortunately I still haven’t heard back from their recruiter yet so I think it’s safe to assume they do not want me. Maybe I’m just not qualified to work at McDonald’s 🙄 Oh well. Perhaps the sluggish economy is partly to blame.


July Employment Numbers

Speaking of the economy, south of the border the US gained 162,000 net new jobs last month. Employment rose in retail trade, services, and financial activities. They need to create about 250,000 new jobs every month to sustain a normal recovery. So the US dropped the ball a little bit in July, but it’s still an enormous success when compared to Canada’s poor performance. We lost about 39,400 net jobs last month 🙁 Most positions lost were in the public sector like teachers, social service workers, and other government employees. Below is a broken down look at Canada’s job numbers.13_08_july_jobs

Making Money at the Movies

This actually happened a couple months ago but Cineplex has increased their dividends 😀 This has been one of my favorite stocks 🙂 A couple years ago I blogged about how I invested $2,000 in CGX:TSE which owns movie theaters in Canada. I predicted that theaters would be in a great position to take advantage of all the upcoming movie brands and releases without the risk of investing in individual Hollywood studios directly.  CGX dividends rose from 11.25 cents/share every month, to 12 cents 😀


Since I have 80 shares every year they pay me $115. That’s more than 5% return on my initial $2K investment 🙂 It’s also a nice bonus that the stock price has climbed to $39/share today 🙂 Anyone else own CGX? If you love movies you might consider putting your investment where your passion is 🙂

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08/10/2013 2:57 am

Sorry to hear about the job. That’s great about Cineplex but no I don’t own any. I really need to get set up and start buying but I need to understand how to do it step by step….. Thanks for mentioning CBB.

08/12/2013 2:10 am

thanks I’ll go check it out now 🙂

08/10/2013 7:24 am

Interesting about Cineplex, but I own very few stocks. I bought my stocks for growth vs. dividends. Thanks for the links, I am in good company.

08/10/2013 7:31 am

Sorry about the job, have a nice weekend and thanks for the mention!

Anne @ Unique Gifter
08/10/2013 3:41 pm

Bummer about the job. If it was at McDonalds, your complexion will thank you anyway! 😉
Thanks so much for including me in the links.

08/10/2013 8:50 pm

I own some shares in cineplex as well. Didn’t know they increased their dividends! I go to the movies a lot so it only makes sense to own shares too lol

Laura / No More Spending
Laura / No More Spending
08/11/2013 4:00 am

Sorry to hear about the job!

08/11/2013 11:25 am

Mc-ie D’s is hiring in my neck of the woods if you are interested in moving to Ontario… Over the weekend I passed 3 all with signs “We’re Hiring”… I debated about buying some CGX the last few times I’ve had cash to dispense, but still own none… bummer as it seems to just keep rising, Maybe one day… Other stocks won’t be screaming at me to buy them and then I’ll own some – Cheers.

08/11/2013 11:31 am

A bonus comment – The one liners you tweet remind me of my favourite comic ever – Mr. Stephen Wright (from the 80’s, which I guess dates me a little) – if you have never heard of him, or seen any of his stand-up you should look him up on the interweb – Cheers.

Adam @ Money Rebound
Adam @ Money Rebound
08/12/2013 4:55 am

Sorry to hear about the job, on the plus side however you can now go and start your own business 🙂 Thanks for the mention, I really appreciate it!

DC @ Young Adult Money
08/12/2013 5:54 am

Sorry to hear about the job. I hope the right opportunity comes along. Great news about the dividends, though! Having dividend income, even if it is a very small part of my income, is a goal of mine both short-term and long-term.

08/12/2013 6:34 am

You hold McDonalds stocks, so you a owner of the company. How can they hire owner for a labor job. So, don’t worry. I own some CinePlex stocks, I rewared well in capital gain and dividend increase.

myownadvisor (@myownadvisor)
08/12/2013 1:19 pm

Agreed with Arunan.

Good news for Cineplex shareholders!

Thanks for the mention Liquid. Hope you had a great weekend!


08/12/2013 6:33 pm

I am sorry about the McDonalds job. Just keep looking I am positive that you would get one soon.

08/12/2013 8:27 pm

I figured you would be a bit overqualified for the job. 😛 I think they want someone who would be a lot more flexible than you are! Too bad though; was interested to see what it would be like to work there. And I would HAVE to get tired of the food eventually, right? 🙂

Thanks for the mention!