Job Ad for Lululemon CEO


I’m not a Lululemon shareholder, but I was as surprised as any $LLL investor when Christine Day abruptly announced she would be stepping down after 5 years as CEO with the Vancouver based, athletic apparel company. During her last year with Lululemon, Christine was paid about $4,280,000 in compensation. Wow, that’s no small change 🙂 The company is now frantically looking for a replacement to fill the role of CEO. I just thought I’d let everyone know about the opportunity in case anyone believes they’re qualified and wants to apply.

Judging by the job posting on their website, the CEO should have a good sense of humor 🙂 Here is how the company describes the role.
You report to no one, you are the CEO (duh). You are passionate about doing chief executive officer type stuff like making decisions, having a vision and being the head boss person.

Furthermore, here are some other qualities the ad says you should have as the next CEO of Lululemon.
-You are disciplined, focused and can hold headstand for at least 10 minutes
-You break all the rules like getting your OM-on (loudly) whenever the urge arises
-Your go-to party trick is your dead-on impression of the yogi in “Sh*T Yogis Say”
-You use your third eye to channel innovation

I probably don’t have what it takes to run a multi-billion dollar company but I live in Vancouver and I like the idea of yoga wear. So I thought why not give it a shot. I know it’s kind of a stretch 😛 for me to get this job but some people play the lottery with arguably similar probability of success. So I applied for the position and received a confirmation email saying they will review my experience and qualifications. And now I wait 😀

Random Useless Fact: Leporiphobia means the abnormal fear of rabbitsrabbit_on_toilet


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06/17/2013 6:15 am

Ha! Nice. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get a call back. Isn’t lululemon Canadian, too?

Laurie @thefrugalfarmer
06/18/2013 4:52 am

LOL, funny! Can’t wait to hear about your offer. 🙂

06/18/2013 7:28 am

Lululemon (TSE: LLL) announces Liquid Independence as its new CEO. Mr. Independence came from blogging back ground. Passion about investing and innovation. Lululemon share rose 97% after the suprise announcement. Mr. Independence will be meeting shareholders on Friday to discuss about future of the company. Please note Mr. Independence doesn’t own a single share of the company.

06/19/2013 7:34 pm

hah, that was funny. Unfortunately that job page is no longer up, but if they really posted that than that was a great ad I guess. I had nice laugh and a strange feeling about how those people were feeling when they were looking for their own boss, the highest person in the hierarchy and telling him what he is supposed to do and what would be expected out of him/her as CEO. Well what else can you actually say about it than what was said?