Monthly Archives: June 2013

Nothing Gold Can Stay

The popular Robert Frost poem is a great reminder that financial rallies cannot be sustained indefinitely, especially in the resource sector.  About a year ago the price for one ounce of gold was about $1,800. Today that same piece is only worth about $1,300. As a result the world’s largest gold company, Barrick Gold Corp, lost half of… Read More »

Job Ad for Lululemon CEO

I’m not a Lululemon shareholder, but I was as surprised as any $LLL investor when Christine Day abruptly announced she would be stepping down after 5 years as CEO with the Vancouver based, athletic apparel company. During her last year with Lululemon, Christine was paid about $4,280,000 in compensation. Wow, that’s no small change 🙂 The company is now frantically looking… Read More »

No Tipping Policy

A midtown Manhattan restaurant called Sushi Yasuda no longer accepts tips. They claim this gives the dining experience a more authentic and relaxed feeling to mimic restaurants in Japan. Customers can enjoy their food and don’t have to do math and calculations at the end of the their meal. Instead of gratuity, the co-owner explains that they have increased… Read More »