Strike Gold with These Golden Trading Tips

By | 02/13/2017

Thanks to its constant liquidity – the fact investors will always want to trade it – gold has been at the core of global financial systems for millennia. No war or natural disaster has ever been able to take away gold’s shine. In times of political crisis or economic uncertainty, investors usually turn to gold as their primary… Read More »

What to Know Before Selling Your House

By | 06/17/2015

Though the housing market has been in recovery, it’s still a tough time to try to sell a house. If you are considering putting your house on the market or you are in the midst of it, it pays to know a few things about what it takes to successfully sell and move out of your house. To… Read More »

Please, Stop the Madness

By | 11/15/2013

The following is a guest post by Jacob, a PhD student in financial planning. Have you ever noticed that the way you “should” do things, according to societal norms, is often the most screwed up backwards way to find success at anything? Consumerism is especially bad in our first world environment. Society encourages you to buy things you… Read More »

A Macro View at Farmland

By | 01/08/2013

This is a guest post by Peter Thompson. He is the founder of the boutique firm GreenWorld Forestry and Farmland Investments. GreenWorld concentrates on offering “real assets”, and have been particularly popular. For a small investor with an adversity to risk it is very difficult to find investments that keep up with real inflation.  By real inflation, we… Read More »