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How a Donald Trump Presidency will Affect your Finances

What Canadians Need to Know About America’s Next President People from all around the world were anxious going into the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Sometimes it felt like the two frontrunners were throwing more shade at each other than discussing real issues that actually matter. Some pundits warned that if Donald Trump becomes the next president, there will be hell toupee. 😄 In the end,… Read More »

Trip to Cuba

Last week I visited Cuba. I went with friends and family and we were all Havana great time. Unfortunately the hotel we stayed at, like most places around the area, doesn’t have Wi-Fi so I did not use the internet for a whole week. Last week’s blog posts were scheduled in advance. I had a great time staying in Varadero and visiting… Read More »

Fiscal Update – Mar 2015 – Currencies Beyond Borders

The overall stock market in March dropped a little bit. It appears growth has stalled in Canada due to continuing low oil prices. But thanks to my side incomes I ended the month with a slightly more positive net worth. 🙂 Side hustles are important during tough economic times because if I lose my full time job at least I’ll have a financial… Read More »