Monthly Archives: October 2012

Mortgage Lending Rules

There are certain lending rules that banks are expected to follow when they approve someone for a mortgage. In Canada, the lending rules are… 1) No more than 32% of our gross income can go towards housing related expenses like mortgage, heating, property tax, etc.. 2) No more than 40% of our gross income can to towards making… Read More »

Weekend Business – Oct 19th – Google

It’s not everyday we see a 10% intra-day drop in Google’s stock price but that’s what happened today when they missed analysts’ expectations. To make things worse there was a small hiccup during the earnings report process when a third party company accidentally released their profits early without permission, which caused all kinds of problems (゜o゜)  Some investors are… Read More »

Union Merger – CAW and CEP

Members of both the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW)  and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP) have voted overwhelmingly in favor of a union merger. Together, they would have over 300,000 members across various economic sectors. So chances are, you probably know someone who will be affected by this 🙂 The thing is union membership in Canada has fallen to… Read More »