Monthly Archives: October 2012

Expensive Impulse Shopping

According to a Bank of Montreal study, impulse shopping cost Canadians $3,720 a year. These can be any kind of purchases like clothes, knickknacks, or food. That amounts to $310 a month being spent on items that are wanted, but not needed. More than half of the people surveyed actually bought something they might not need because it was simply on sale. For… Read More »

The Affordable Beer Conjecture

Affordability doesn’t always mean cheap vs expensive prices. If a gallon of milk is cheaper in the US than in Canada that doesn’t automatically mean milk is more affordable for Americans, although in this case that does seem to be true (>_<) What I mean though is that affordability can also refer to our purchasing power in a local economy.… Read More »

Why Invest in Farmland

To become successful investors we have to think like burglars, because we must be constantly looking for windows of opportunity 😀  I saw an interview recently on BNN about alternative investing and how buying a farm can be a wonderful long term investment. Of course as any diligent person would do, I did some more research into this topic to… Read More »

Fiscal Update – Sept 2012

We’re three quarters done the year already. Time goes by so fast and it waits for no one. The impact of time on the world’s demographics have changed it so much. For example, according to Statscan in just the last 20 years the number of seniors in this country has increased by 57.6%, while the number of children… Read More »