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By | 01/24/2012

I went to the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference over the weekend. It was organized by Cambridge House. It was a conference for businesses and investors to come together and discuss all things related to energy, metals, and other resources. Over 500 companies set up booths, and thousands of investors like myself showed up to the exhibit hall. There were guest speakers, workshops, lots of press/media, and tons of company swag.

I learned about how gold is mined. Touched bits of precious metals embedded inside rock samples. Learned how to better swing trade from the experts. Got an industry perspective on the resource boom. Learned about the business of natural gas, uranium, silver, and other types of resources. How to buy and store gold/silver properly. How to identify opportunities in Canadian stocks using fundamental and technical analysis. Got a crash course on the Keynesian multiplier, the free market, and Austrian macroeconomics. The entire experience has been a blast. Best of all, the whole event was sponsored, so it was free to the public. I was lucky to find out about this event through my bank just in time. Next time there’s a conference in Vancouver I’ll post a reminder for you guys. I think anyone who considers themselves an investor should go.

Here are some key points I took away from the event:
I’ll write about some of these topics in detail in future posts.

-Most traders lose money because they don’t take the time to learn.That is to say, learn about themselves! The biggest risk to investors is not the market or the economy but the investor himself. People let emotions take over and usually sell at the wrong time. Human behavior is the biggest factor when determining one’s success. Know yourself first.
-Geologists are in high demand for mining companies.
– Use falling tops and rising bottoms from a Japanese candle chart to help decide when to enter into a stock. is a useful website to practice your stock trading strategy by using it’s market simulator before actually putting real money at risk. It’s free. Good for people who want to learn about the stock market and try trading, but are not yet ready to open up a brokerage account.
Don’t buy stocks. Buy companies. Consider their infrastructure, politics, risks, and consistency.
-Most of the world’s Uranium production growth will come from Kazakhstan, (Borat’s home) And half of the world’s demand is expected to come from China.
-Demand in economic terms is not what people want, it’s the amount of money to buy what people want.

On a side note. I’ll be making some changes to my blog over the next couple of weeks. It’s getting a small face lift and getting to a new host/registrar. If you come by and the site looks different, you’ll know why. During that time my blog could be down, un-readable, or unorganized, so just a heads up.

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02/03/2012 8:06 pm

Seemed like an interesting event.