Legalize Prostitution and Free College for All

By | 11/06/2011

The occupy movement is expanding. It’s not a very productive protest when people get together to complain about their problems without setting goals or suggesting fixes. Because then it just becomes a big public therapy session, for angry people anonymous. Well I’m glad that the occupiers in our city have finally made a list of demands. Now maybe people will take them more seriously. Full list here.

The only problem is there’s no way for all their demands to be met without bankrupting the country.  Nevertheless, some items on the list are pretty bold. I’ve picked out some below.

38) Prostitution is to be legalized and regulated.
28) Massage, dental and eye care is to be covered under the health care system.
34) Post-secondary education is to be made free with no hidden user fees.
50) Tar Sands project is to shut down

I’m trying to imagine living in a country like that.

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11/06/2011 11:02 pm

Yeah no kidding…do people realize how much (more) taxes we'll need to pay afford all that for every one.