The 7 Billion Milestone

By | 04/05/2011

There are currently about 6.91 billion people in the world according to Wikipedia. And as the following video shows, we’ll hit 7 Billion very soon.

It’s hard to imagine that some time during the next 8 months the world’s population will hit 7,000,000,000 And urbanization will mean more people will want to live in cities. I see an investment opportunity here. Buy sectors that will benefit from a growing population now, and profit later. So here are some companies I will look at and probably buy later this year.

Caterpillar Inc NYSE:CAT
They make construction and heavy equipment. More people in the future moving to cities = more bridges, buildings, subways, and other infrastructure that will boost earnings for this company.

Proctor & Gamble NYSE:PG
They make consumer staples like tooth paste, toilet paper, tissue, hygiene products, etc. Everyone I know uses these things, so growing population = more customers = more profit.

Suncor Energy TSE:SU
They make and sell oil/energy. People in cities all over the world can’t live without oil. If you use plastic bags, drive a car, eat food not grown locally, or take public transit then you use oil. As the world’s population rises so will the demand for oil, and this company has a huge reserve.

Author: Liquid Independence

Editor in Chief at Freedom 35 Blog.

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